How do people swim without protective goggles


40 million people who wear glasses in Germany need good vision when swimming and diving - and not just on vacation. Without an appropriate correction option, swimmers quickly feel unsafe in the water and can pose a danger to themselves or others.

Swimming with glasses causes problems

The Goggles can be lost quickly when swimming. It often causes problems under a diving mask. The temples of the glasses create a gap between the seal of the diving mask and the face: water penetrates and obstructs the view.

Swim with contact lenses

The contact lenses should be worn when swimming do not come into contact with the water. Soft lenses change their fit when they come into contact with water, and bacteria can also accumulate on the contact lens. With dimensionally stable contact lenses there is a risk that they rinsed from the eyes because they are more flexible than soft lenses on the eyes. In any case, one helps here waterproof swimming gogglesthat tightly protects the eyes and contact lenses.

Prescription swimming goggles and diving masks

Many swimming enthusiasts who wear glasses may not know: Diving and swimming goggles you can with prescription lenses Have the optician equip the appropriate thickness. For this purpose, either the diving masks are directly glazed with corrective disks or corresponding glasses with thickness are glued onto the disks from the inside. The swimming goggles and diving masks are available in different sizes and are so from children to adults individually adaptable.

Get advice from an optician

The optician knows the ideal solution for the swimming enthusiast customer. Many opticians have a large selection of inexpensive swimming goggles or equip them Swimming and diving goggles with the appropriate number of diopters out. There is something for every customer who is enthusiastic about swimming and nothing stands in the way of untroubled bathing fun.