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Trouble sleeping Does Masturbation Really Help You Fall Asleep?

Science has already made many statements about the connection between sex or masturbation and sleep, some of them contradicting one another. According to a 2005 UK study, around 80 percent of men felt so relaxed after an orgasm that they could fall asleep straight away. But just under 50 percent of all women felt the same way.

Australian study: women sleep better too

Less than ten years later, scientists at Central Queensland University claimed to have discovered that an orgasm can also help women fall asleep. The same university has now asked more precisely. In an online survey, Michele Lastella, Jessica Louise Paterson, Cathy O'Mullan and Amy C. Reynolds wanted to know from men and women what effect sex has on sleep - regardless of whether with a partner or alone, and with or without Orgasm. The result: In all cases, a positive effect on sleep was noticeable. This result leads the scientists to the following recommendation:

Promoting safe sexual activity before bed may offer a novel behavioral strategy for promoting sleep.

Central Queensland University

Not for people with sleep problems

However, this idea is not recommended for people with regular sleep problems, says the sleep doctor and chairman of the German Society for Sleep Medicine, Professor Peter Young: "This would create a certain pressure that some form of ritualized act is carried out in order to fall asleep. We like that not at all in sleep medicine. Because that brings about a form of focusing on the possibly poor sleep as such and thus often leads to a worsening of falling asleep. "