What are the operational challenges in healthcare


According to the Federal Statistical Office, in 2050 the proportion of people over 65 will make up almost a third of the total German population. Due to this demographic development and increasing life expectancy, the health system is facing major challenges.

Globalization is also a key issue for the healthcare system because it facilitates access to medicines, technologies, knowledge and research, which opens up many opportunities. Nevertheless, it also means that health policy challenges, such as the corona pandemic, leave national borders and can often only be overcome in cooperation.

The medical-technical progress and the growing health awareness of the population lead to an increasing demand for services in the areas of health, nursing and care and to increasing cost pressure in the health care system.

These developments require a rethink towards new holistic models that take these challenges and the growing pressure to increase efficiency into account.

Solution approaches with process orientation

The German Society for Clinical Process Management e.V. (DGKPM) regards patient-centered process management as a solution. The establishment of a comprehensive information network (e.g. via digital patient files) plays a decisive role in optimizing processes and simplifying costs. This leads to an improvement in the quality of treatment and patient safety as well as an increase in efficiency and a reduction in costs.

In various areas of the health industry, BPM & O has already accompanied some customers on their way to more process orientation. These tasks played an important role:

BPM & O reference projects in healthcare

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