What is the treatment for glaucoma Ayurveda

So this statement has long since become obsolete. Take action and do something about your glaucoma. Stop or prevent it - especially if you suspect a genetic predisposition to glaucoma. Here is a summary of the most important measures:

  1. Green leafy vegetables: Eat these vegetables at least twice a week, better daily - as a salad or in the form of steamed vegetables.
  2. Cabbage Vegetables: Eat these vegetables at least twice a week.
  3. Check your vitamin D levels and take vitamin D if necessary.
  4. Optimize your folic acid, manganese and magnesium supply. (Usually works very well if you switch to an excess alkaline diet, as explained here: The excess alkaline diet).
  5. Choose a dietary supplement from the following: ginseng, resveratrol (e.g. in red wine extract), ginkgo biloba or quercetin.
  6. Get enough omega-3 fatty acids - either through food or as a dietary supplement.
  7. Drink less coffee and switch to green tea.
  8. Do not buy foods with glutamate; In restaurants you can ask which dishes are prepared without glutamate.
  9. Start with regular meditation.
  10. Try acupuncture.
  11. Take care of regular purification and detoxification.
  12. Think about exercise and stay fit!
  13. If you are overwhelmed with all of these measures, seek out a holistic health advisor and let them put together a personal program for you.


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