Do you like to get older

Translation of "Do you like" in spanish

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¿Te gusta ¿te gustan ¿quieres te gusto


Do you like the smell of salami?
Do you like the? - Do it again.
Do you like those carrots or not?
Do you like my new Arizona jeans?
Do you like warm me up a bit?
Do you like stay here and cook something?
Kati, ¿Quieres quedarte aquí y hacer sopa o algo para ellos?
Do you like French documentaries about orangutans?
¿Te gustan los documentales franceses sobre los orangutanes?
Do you like the pork meatballs?
Do you like older or younger women?
Do you like the taste of steel?
Do you like Surprises under the tree?
Do you like Snacks or any stuff ...
Do you like the music of Mozart?
Do you like something special for dinner?
¿Quieres que prepare algo especial para la cena?
Hello. Do you like the Power Rangers?
Do you like Berry? Blueberries? Blackberries?
Do you like Badger or Brandon?
Do you like young women and old men?
¿Te gustan las mujeres jóvenes y los hombres viejos?
Do you like Carrots ... not so much.
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