Is it normal to hate to work

What to do if you hate your first job

In times of unemployment, it is taboo to complain about your job - especially if you have just graduated from university. But especially when starting your career, it is quite likely that you will not get your dream job right away. Most of the time you have to go through it first and grit your teeth. Having a job that you hate is still better than not having one at all. Nevertheless, there are ways out of this misery.

Find out why you hate the job.
This first step is particularly important so that you don't run into the same problem with your next job. So think carefully about what is bothering you. Is it your job or your colleagues? Are you unhappy with your boss or your daily routine? Or maybe you just feel under-challenged or not taken seriously? There are a thousand possible reasons. When looking for a job in the future, you can pay close attention to such things or even know that the chosen industry is not for you.

Do not let it get you.
Stress is easy to take with you after work. Avoid this by consciously hanging out with friends in the evening and relaxing. You are not your job! Don't take criticism to heart and don't feel like a failure. You probably can't do your best because the job doesn't suit you.

Make friends and think positively.
Alone the job will only get more unbearable. Even if you are dissatisfied with colleagues, there are likely to be nice people around you too. Try to get to know them and talk about favorite films or the weekend, just not about the job.
And no matter how bad a job is, it always has advantages. Write these down. It can be a funny office neighbor, opportunities for advancement or a good salary. Or you can make useful contacts within the company and learn new things. This list will keep you motivated in desperate moments.

Develop an escape strategy.
It doesn't help to just cancel. There has to be a deadline, i.e. a fixed point in time when you can leave the company with a clear conscience and a new job. But stay realistic and plan enough time for the application process. Applying in addition to a 42-hour week is anything but easy. And even if the end is already in sight, you certainly don't want to ruin your reputation. So keep doing your best in the last few months and don't talk negatively about your work. Because maybe you will be promoted after all ...