What is your rating of Motorola company


was once a good AG

Ex-manager / managementWorked in the sales / distribution department at Motorola Solutions Germany GmbH in Idstein.

I think it's bad about the employer

The company was severely affected by the split and the decline in sales in recent years

Working atmosphere

There is seldom any praise from the supervisor


of ww 160,000 there are now 12,000 left

Work-life balance

in management / sales this morning there tomorrow ... 8 o'clock would be a dream

Career / further education

costs money and has almost been abolished

Salary / social benefits

was good in the past ...

Environmental / social awareness

Yesterday was social

Cohesion of colleagues

Colleagues get along well with each other

Dealing with older colleagues

are too expensive and are disposed of

Managerial behavior

Superiors are often abroad and not really available when you need them

working conditions

who loves large offices or likes to work on the highway ...


there are far too many meetings and confcalls

equal rights

quite well

Interesting tasks

innovative environment