What happens to extremely selfish people

Covid-19 and the concerns of young people

Tarik Hoch, Triesen

It is important to understand the relationship between the enormous limitations and the costs that are particularly common among the younger generations. We should realize that it is not possible to completely eliminate the virus by any degree of restriction. Further restrictions will only do more damage to future prospects, especially young people. It seems that the ramifications for young adults are at the bottom of the government agenda. It is deeply troubling that many legitimate concerns about job opportunities, education, social outreach, and mental health are so easily dismissed. Instead, many just focus on portraying young people as being overly selfish. In the course of the year, the education system was fundamentally disrupted in many countries and, not least, youth unemployment was driven to a record level. Many of the sectors in which young people traditionally find employment are hardest hit by government restrictions. However, because young people rarely get Covid-19, it should be in everyone's interest to keep the companies open and give them the chance to save themselves from financial ruin. Young people's well-being has not been adequately addressed throughout the crisis. Since the beginning of the academic year, students in particular have been treated arbitrarily. Since it was suggested to them that their lectures would take place, they traveled to their expensive student accommodation in many places. They believed that the academic year would unfold in a state of relative normalcy and that their attendance was required. Instead, it turned out that most of the courses are conducted online. Friedrich August von Hayek once rightly said: “It may sound harsh, but it is probably in everyone's interest that in a liberal system the fully employed are often cured quickly of a temporary and non-dangerous illness, at the price of a certain neglect of the elderly and terminally ill. "

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