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Well-paid part-time jobs in 2021: the top 10

Table of Contents

  1. Tutor
  2. Bicycle Messenger
  3. hostess
  4. Delivery driver
  5. call center agent
  6. Production assistants
  7. Stage hand
  8. Waiter / service staff
  9. promoter
  10. Inventory helper

1st tutor

If you are particularly good at a certain school subject and can convey your knowledge well, you couldTutor currently awell-paid part-time job be for you Because at give tutoring you can determine your own price for a tutoring lesson. As a student or if you are aCareer changer as a teacher/-in you can, depending on the subject and the difficulty of the material between eight and 18 euros desire. However, if you are a trained or prospective teacher, a lesson with you can sometimes be between 20 and 50 euros costs. As a tutor, you should, in addition to theperfect mastery of the subject matter, also bring a lot of patience to explain the material to your students a third or fourth time if necessary.

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2. Bicycle courier

You are not by car, but by bike Bicycle courier on road. In this way, you can get through traffic better within the city and are often faster with customers than if you had to brave the traffic jams of rush hour by car. The additional physical exertion By the way, it pays off: As an experienced bike courier, you can partially over 20 euros an hour to earn. Often, in addition to your base salary, there is also one commissionwith which you will share in the turnover. So your earnings are also based on how many jobs you can complete. speed therefore makes a successful and well-paid bicycle courier. The job as a bike courier will often in big cities in which there is a lot of traffic. Possible employers for this activity, who would also like to work as student job are used are postal service providers, restaurants, snack bars or laboratories for which you take samples from A to B.

3. Hostess

The fields of activity are varied and you will be given different tasks depending on the type of trade fair. You looks after exhibition stands and talk to customers. In addition, the catering of the customers is one of your tasks. Hostesses earnn an average of 13 euros an hour and so belong to the well-paid part-time jobs. To as hostess To work at trade fairs, however, you have to meet a few requirements: On the one hand, you should be able to approach people in a professional and friendly manner. In addition, a good command of English is an advantage. In addition, hostesses with a well-groomed appearance and a slim to "neutral" figure are often preferred, depending on which employer and what kind of fair it is.

4. Delivery driver

A classic, but well-paid part-time job, is the delivery driver. The hourly wage fluctuates, but with good jobs you can up to 15 euros an hour to earn. The average is the Hourly wage at around 13 euros. Often there are also Tips and fuelin case you deliver in your own car. However, it shouldn't be a problem for you to deliver the goods to the sixth floor without an elevator. Furthermore, you should be resilient, because weddings can be stressful and you still have to be as fast as possible. Possible employers are postal service providers, restaurants, snack bars, blood donation services and providers of meals on wheels.

5. Call center agent

Talking to people on the phone is not for everyone, but a part-time job in telephone customer service is definitely lucrative. With a Hourly wages averaging 13 euros you can earn something on the side without doing physically strenuous work. Besides, this is Working at home often easily possible. As call center agent answer questions from customers on the hotline, inform customers by phone about new offers or try to win participants for a survey.

6. Production assistant

Especially when the economy is booming or during vacation periods, more and more temporary workers are sought after. As Production assistant Do you need no special training, but only a little manual skill and the ability to concentrate. Your tasks are simple manual work, such as assembling individual parts. Your Hourly wages are around 12 euros per hour, for which you can still get allowances. It becomes particularly profitable during the night shift and on weekends. On Sundays, for example, you can sometimes get an allowance of up to 150 percent of the hourly wage.

Part-time jobs are good for your career

If you have a part-time job, it can send a positive signal to your future employers. This shows that you are willing to work and that you are diligent. You can do it yourself score points with bad part-time jobs when applying. It is important that you draw the right strengths and insights from your job as a waitress, at the supermarket checkout or from your work as a promoter.

7. Stage hand

As Stage hand you help at events with the construction and dismantling of the stage, the set and the technology. The job is particularly popular because you often get around a lot and are usually allowed to watch the events after they have been set up. Possible employers are concert organizers, event agencies or providers of advertising material who, for example, set up and dismantle advertising boards at football matches. As a salary you can an average of 12 euros per hour expect. In some cases, however, hourly wages are also used over 15 euros paid, especially if the work takes place on Sundays or at night.

8. Waiter / service staff

The profession of Waiter / waitress is almost a classic among part-time jobs. Nevertheless, a good additional income can sometimes be raised in the catering trade. The average hourly wage of a waiter or waitress is included about 12 euros an hour. In well-running companies, however, approx 50 percent of the hourly wage earned as a tip. You can use it as a waiter up to 18 euros an hour to earn. However, the job as a waiter is very exhausting, because you are on your feet the entire working day, the orders always have to be with the customers quickly and on time and you sometimes have to tidy up and clean the shop long after business hours are.

9. Promoter

The promoter is not just one well paid job with no educationbut can also be a really well-paid part-time job be. If you're doing a doctorate part-time, you can do a Hourly wages up to 15 euros an hour calculate. On average, promoters earn around 12 euros an hour. You attend trade fairs and other events to promote a specific product or service. It is important that you get someSoft skills bring with you, for example communication skills and self-confidence, and have some prior knowledge in the field of advertising and marketing.

10. Inventory assistant

Once a year at every industrial company, supermarket, department store or hardware store: the inventory is pending. Since the entire inventory has to be recorded here, companies often need many at this time Inventory helper. Depending on the success and size of the company, the salary of the inventory assistants also varies. But on average you can with one Hourly wage of 12 euros calculate. As an inventory assistant, you have to be able to concentrate fully for several hours at a time and have basic arithmetic skills. After all, the inventory should be recorded precisely and not estimated.

Well-paid part-time jobs: The salary varies widely

In your search for one well-paid part-time job you will notice that the salaries in the job advertisements often fluctuate greatly. This can be due to the fact that many jobs that can easily be carried out on a part-time basis include variable earnings. Waiters and service staff, for example, earn a large part of their salaries by tipping. With many bicycle couriers, the salary is measured by the number of orders. So you should pay attention to whether and which bonuses are possible in your preferred part-time job. However, there is also the possibility of earning a little extra without fixed working hours. You can also comfortably while on the go or at home Earn money with your smartphone.

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