How is teacher pay calculated

Teacher salary in NRW: This is what your earnings look like

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  1. Legal clerkship salary
  2. Starting salary
  3. Self test
  4. Influencing factors
  5. Elementary school salary
  6. Salary high school
  7. Salary high school
  8. Career opportunities
  9. overview

Legal clerkship: salary in NRW

If you Become a teacher you want to go up after yours Teacher training usually as a trainee teacher. Teachers do not receive a normal salary, but a salary. The The salary level depends primarily on the type of schoolat which a teacher teaches. Primary school teachers and teachers at lower secondary level are assigned to grade A12, while high school teachers are paid to grade A13. Trainees also receive one Basic amount, which is based on the grade of the later entry office. The salaries of trainee lawyers are called candidate payments. As a prospective primary school teacher at a secondary or secondary school, you will earn money during your training in North Rhine-Westphalia 1,500.37 euros gross per month. If you complete your legal clerkship at a grammar school or a vocational school, you will earn 1,533.28 euros gross per month.

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Starting salary as a teacher in NRW

The salaries of teachers are also based on different levels of experience within the salary groups. Yours So work experience is also reflected in your pay. In North Rhine-Westphalia there is a total of twelve levels of experience. If you start teaching as a primary school teacher after completing your legal clerkship, you will start at the fourth level of experience. You will be classified in grade A12. Your starting salary here is € 3,771.26 gross per month. At a grammar school or a vocational school, you will be given a higher class. Here you will be paid at grade A13 and experience level 5 as soon as you join. At the beginning of your professional career, you can expect a gross salary of 4,401.78 euros per month - i.e. around 630 euros more per month than at a primary school. The grammar school teacher is one of the highest paid professions.

However, only civil servant teachers fall under the Salary Act. However, there are also at German schools Teachers who are employed by collective bargaining agreements. They are mostly lateral entrants who do not meet the requirements for civil service. Requirements in North Rhine-Westphalia are, for example, a Age not exceeding 41 years, and passing a health examination. Collective bargaining teachers are employed after a Collective agreement for the civil service of the federal states (TV-L) paid. This is based on the salary groups according to which civil servant teachers are paid. As a primary school teacher at a secondary school, you will be paid according to pay group 11. However, if you work at a grammar school, comprehensive school, vocational college or school for special needs education, you will be classified in pay group 13. To get started, you earn EUR 3,490.32 gross per month at a primary school or secondary school. In the In salary group 13, you receive EUR 4,002.26 gross per month.  

Salary group / pay groupStarting gross salary per month

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Your teacher's salary in North Rhine-Westphalia depends on this

Generally speaking, they become teachers in Germany paid differently in each state. This is because education policy is up to the federal states and they can decide for themselves how they want to pay their teachers. In addition to the federal states, there are still other influencing factors, the the Teacher salary determine in NRW:

Type of school and grade

The type of school you teach at has a major impact on your earnings. The best you can earn as a teacher at a grammar school. As a civil servant teacher, you will be paid according to grade A13. That too Vocational school teacher salary is based on the same grade. That already means one when starting a career in North Rhine-Westphalia Salary of 4,401.78 euros gross per month. On the other hand, you earn less Elementary, secondary, secondary and special schools. Here you will go to the lower one Grade A12 and you can start your career with a salary of 3,771.26 euros gross per month calculate. Due to the lower coordination and organizational effort, you have fewer opportunities for advancement at elementary schools or schools in secondary level I and thus fewer opportunities to increase your salary.

Experience level

However, it is not only the type of school that influences a teacher's salary, but also one's own professional experience. You will be within your grade again classified in an experience level. There are twelve levels of experience in North Rhine-Westphalia, but you don't have to go through all of them during your career. As a teacher of grade A12, you will become a direct Graduated to experience level 4 for starting a career, in grade A13 even to the fifth level of experience. Over time you automatically advance through the levels of experience. There are two years between experience levels four to five. However, you only advance to the next four levels of experience every three years. From the ninth experience level, there is an advancement in the experience level only every four years. So overall you need 27 years of professional experience to reach the highest level of experience. For each level of experience you advance, your salary increases automatically by around four percent. By way of comparison: a high school teacher earns EUR 4,401.78 per month at the start of his / her career while he / she is in twelfth experience level € 5,422.31 gross per month earned. In the course of the career, the salary of a grammar school teacher increases by 1,020.53 euros gross per month through professional experience alone.

Promotion agencies

As a teacher, it is not so easy to be promoted through high commitment and dedication and thus to improve your salary. A promotion is only possible if you rely on a advertised promotion position apply. Promotion agencies are, for example, jobs as School director, senior school director or coordinator in the administrative area. Since with such a position there are also additional tasks, the salary also increases. For example, you will be called Headmaster of a grammar school according to the highest Grade A16 paid. With nine years of professional experience, that would mean a gross salary of 6518.04 euros per month for you. As a teacher without a managerial position at a grammar school, you earn 4,912.02 euros gross per month with the same number of professional years. A promotion position has an influence on the grade and thus also on yours Teacher salary in NRW

Civil servant status

Not every teacher in North Rhine-Westphalia is automatically a civil servant. Especially who as Lateral entry teacher would like to be, often does not meet the requirements to be civil servant and is employed at schools in a collective agreement. Although the wage groups are based on the salary groups of the Civil Service Salaries Act, however salaried teachers have to pay significantly higher taxes. A grammar school teacher who is not a civil servant earns EUR 4,002.26 gross per month when starting a career in North Rhine-Westphalia. Civil servant teachers at a grammar school earn EUR 4,401.78 gross per month in North Rhine-Westphalia. The difference in wages becomes clearer in terms of net earnings. While the civil servant high school teacher still has 3,247.13 euros net per month, a salaried teacher from the same school earns only 2,420.30 euros net per month. This is due to the lower social security contributions that civil servants have to pay. Since he / she is already provided with a pension by his / her employer and cannot be terminated, unemployment and pension insurance contributions are eliminated. This leaves a higher net amount at the end of the month than for salaried teachers.

That's how much you earn as a teacher in NRW at a primary school

As a primary school teacher you will be assigned to salary group A12 in North Rhine-Westphalia. So you belong to the Low wage teachers. That's right about starting your career Elementary school teacher salary at EUR 3,771.26 gross per month. With increasing professional experience, your salary increases to up to 4,884.92 euros gross per month. To do this, however, you would have to work as a primary school teacher for 27 years. You also have at an elementary school only the chance of promotion to school principal. If you are appointed to this position, you will automatically be assigned to grade A13. Depending on your level of experience, you will then earn between EUR 4,401.78 and EUR 5,422.31 gross per month. As a tariff-based teacher, you can expect a gross salary of 3,490.32 euros per month. Here, too, you will be paid better with increasing professional experience. Your maximum gross salary is 5,166.12 euros per month.

This is how much you earn as a teacher at secondary and secondary schools in North Rhine-Westphalia

At a Hauptschule, Realschule and secondary school in North Rhine-Westphalia, you earn just as much as a primary school teacher. You will be in the Grade A12 grouped and received depending on the level of experience between 3,771.26 euros and 4,884.92 euros gross per month. At least at a junior high and secondary school, however, you have more opportunities to advance than at primary and secondary schools. This is due to the distribution of the promotion positions that the state of North Rhine-Westphalia advertises for each type of school. Promotion positions are positions for teachers who have additional tasks and thus a higher salary group than the other teachers. The state government issues different percentages for the various types of school as to how many promotion positions there may be per school. At a junior high and secondary school, this percentage is 40 percent, while it is only ten percent at secondary schools. This means that at a secondary school that employs 100 teachers, 40 of them can be assigned to the next higher salary group. Instead of being paid according to grade A12, you will then be paid according to A13. This is how you partially earn up to 500 euros more gross per month

That's how much you earn as a teacher in North Rhine-Westphalia at a grammar school

As a high school teacher, you will receive the highest salary among the teaching staff. When you start your career, you will be in the Grade A13 and thus earn more than elementary, secondary and secondary school teachers. You also get started at experience level 5 and earn 4,401.78 euros gross per month at the beginning of your career. After 25 years you will reach the highest level of experience as a high school teacher. Then you earn 5,422.31 euros gross per month. You also have them at a high school best opportunities to get promoted and thus to earn more. A grammar school in North Rhine-Westphalia has 65 percent promotion points to. Through these promotion positions you can take on new tasks and be assigned to a higher salary group. As a head of the upper level, for example, you can be assigned to salary group A15 and thus earn at least 5,399.63 euros gross per month.

Salary group / salary groupStarting salaryHighest level of experience

Career opportunities as a teacher in NRW

As a teacher in North Rhine-Westphalia you have different career opportunities depending on the type of school. You have the fewest career opportunities at elementary and secondary schools. This is due to the fact that the state government allocates shares from so-called promotion agencies for each type of school. For elementary and secondary schools there are only ten percent at promotion points to disposal. This means that only ten percent of the teachers who work at the school can be promoted. This usually includes the school management and their deputy. On the other hand, you have better chances Real and secondary schools. Here are per school 40 percent at promotion points to disposal. However, in order to keep all career opportunities open to you, you have to teach at a high school. At a grammar school in North Rhine-Westphalia, 65 percent of the promotion points are available. This is mainly due to the higher organizational and coordination needs that exist at a grammar school. You don't get these promotion positions simply through hard work and commitment, you have to wait for them to be advertised and for you to apply. Only when you survive the application process, which is carried out by the school management, do you have the chance of a promotion. Examples of promotion offices are, for example, headmasters, senior school managers, coordinators at the test level or head of department at the center for practical teacher training.

Overview: The most important information about teacher salaries in North Rhine-Westphalia

  • Civil servants have fewer tax deductions than salaried teachers.
  • You can advance in experience levels within your grade.
  • You have the best career opportunities at a high school.