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You fill out a questionnaire, send $ 3, and then you get ... the phone numbers of three ideal partner.

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For leisure activities and mine ideal partner I entered monetization and fluent Japanese.
Donde me preguntaban sobre actividades de ocio y mi cita ideal, contesté con monetización y fluidez en japonés.
I am the one for you ideal partner.
They seem very obsessed with learning more about that ideal partner to find out.
With this in mind, the University and Business Forum should be the ideal partner for universities.
El Foro universidad-empresa podría convertirse en el socio ideal para ayudar a los centros de enseñanza superior en esta nueva función.
The ideal partner would be her cousin Karl, who could make inheritance claims to the throne himself.
Sería su primogénito Carlos quién ostentara tan importante patrimonio.
No, Grandma once told me that whichever direction he's flying in, that's where you're going ideal partner finds.
No, la abuela me dijo una vez que si te fijas en la dirección que toma, the con tu media naranja.
But there is another superstition that one can own ideal partner finds ...
You get scared of being alone, but you should go to the ideal partner wait as if it existed somewhere in the world.
Do you think there is ideal partner?
As the director says, they're still learning about life, but this time it's the next step, make money, have a career and get one ideal partner to find for the rest of their lives.
The director has dicho que «siguen aprendiendo acerca de la vida, pero se encuentran en una etapa posterior, la de ganar dinero, hacer carrera y Finderar al compañero ideal for the resto de sus vidas.
They are the perfect tool that ideal partnerjust as a tool complements the hand that guides it.
Eres el instrumento perfecto, el compañero ideal, al igual que la herramienta se adapta a la mano que la maneja.
And the technology on which we are considered ideal partner What agreed for the Seawater Greenhouse is concentrated solar energy, which used sun-tracking mirrors to focus the sun's heat to produce electricity.
Y la tecnología que elegimos como socia ideal para el Invernadero de Agua Marina es la energía solar concentrada que usa espejos solares de seguimiento para concentrar el calor y crear electricidad.
The Euro-Mediterranean Development Bank, the enhanced cooperation relationship and the Association Agreements - these are all concrete measures that demonstrate that the European Union is the ideal partner for the countries on the other side of the Mediterranean.
El Banco, las relaciones de cooperación reforzada, los acuerdos de asociación son todos actos concretos que demuestran que la Unión Europea es el socio ideal para la otra orilla del Mediterráneo.
It should therefore actually be used in many areas, especially in energy issues more ideal more strategic partner be.
Sería por tanto un socio estratégico ideal en muchos aspectos, concretamente en el energético.
And for your information, ... I get constipated from traveling like that is me ideal Hotel room-partner.
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