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The term software generally covers the intangible parts of a computer-based system. In contrast, the devices and other material components are called hardware.

In the narrower sense, only programs are included under the term software. In a broader sense, the term also includes other types of information, in particular documentation such as user guides and administrator manuals.

Depending on the purpose of the investigation, there are numerous, very different classifications of software. In business informatics, a distinction is often made between system software and application software.

The operating system forms the core of the system software. In the sense of a layer architecture, it represents the interface to the hardware downwards. In addition, additional software that is required to make a computer-based system operational is included in the system software and is sometimes summarized under the term system-related software. Examples are translation programs (compilers and interpreters), database systems, web browsers, firewalls and so-called middleware (software that connects other software with one another). It should be noted that the use and delimitation of the terms system software and system-related software are not uniform.

The application software works above the system software. This is software designed to solve application problems. Examples of application software are an ERP system or an inventory control system.

Development software is software that is used to produce other software, especially large software systems. Typical examples are integrated software development environments (English IDEs - Integrated Development Environments) [Kurb 2008, p. 378 ff.].


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Prof. Dr. Karl Kurb, European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Chair for Information Systems, Gro├če Scharrnstr. 59, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

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