How are ring sizes measured

Determine ring size!

Use these tips to find out your ring size

Various methods are used to determine the ring size of a ring. With an existing ring, its size can be measured using a ring template or a ring stick. Without a ring, the ring size can easily be determined with a ring tape measure directly on the finger. You can order it here for free at or download it and print it out. Our ring size table is helpful when converting ring sizes.

1. How to determine ring size - use correct method!

Your wedding is coming up soon and the time has come Buy wedding rings - but you still have no idea what size ring you have ?! The easiest way would of course be to measure the finger sizes directly at the jeweler! But don't worry, in the following we present many tips for measuring ring sizes yourself. Before reading through our tips, please note the following:

Ring width:

The biggest mistake in determining the ring size is related to the width of the ring. Wedding rings for men in particular are often a bit wider and are therefore located directly on the muscle on the ring finger. It is therefore important to measure at the point where the ring will later be located.

Ring profile:

Wedding rings are made in different profiles. There are round, angular, oval and inside or outside flat profiles. In cross-section, however, the insides either look flat or are curved on the inside (cambered). Flat inner profiles lie with the entire surface on the finger and therefore feel a little tighter. In addition, rings with flat insides are more difficult to slip over the finger joints. A larger ring size should therefore often be selected than with rings that are cambered on the inside, which can be easily slipped over the finger joints.

2. Ring size table

If you already know the diameter of your ring, or if you know your ring size in the USA or England, for example, then you can use this ring size table to calculate the German ring size. Just compare the values ​​you know in the columns and read off the German ring size. In Germany, the inner circumference of the ring is determined as the ring size. The diameter can therefore be read off easily (you can also determine the inner circumference by calculating the diameter * π. Π, Pi, is the number of circles and, as is well known, begins with 3.1415926 ...). You can also download the ring size table as a PDF.

Ø mmDE (scope)EUUKUSA / CAN
14.6 mm466G 1/23 3/4
15 mm477H 1/24 1/4
15.3 mm488I 1/24 1/2
15.6 mm499J5
15.9 mm5010K5 1/4
16.2 mm5111K 1/25 3/4
16.5 mm5212L 1/26
16.8 mm5313M 1/26 1/2
17.2 mm5414N6 3/4
17.5 mm5515O7 1/4
17.8 mm5616P7 1/2
18.1 mm5717P 1/28
18.4 mm5818Q 1/28 1/2
18.8 mm5919R.8 3/4
19.1 mm6020S.9 1/4
19.4 mm6121T9 1/2
19.7 mm6222T 1/210
20 mm6323U 1/210 1/2
20.3 mm6424V.10 3/4
20.6 mm6525W.6
21 mm6626X11 1/4
21.3 mm6727X 1/212
21.6 mm6828Y 1/212 1/2
22 mm6929Z 1/212 3/4
22.3 mm7030Z +113 1/4
22.6 mm7131Z +1.513 1/2
22.9 mm7232Z +214
23.2 mm7333Z +2.514 1/4
23.5 mm7434Z +36
23.9 mm7535Z +3.514 3/4
24.2 mm7636Z +415 1/2

3. Measure the ring size on your finger

If you don't have a ring at home to determine the ring size directly on the ring, you can use these tips to determine the ring size directly on the finger.

Order a ring tape measure

Order the free ring tape measure from BREEDIA, the jeweler for wedding rings, by entering your shipping address in the contact form. You will receive the measuring tape within 2-3 working days.

To contact form

Print out the ring tape measure

You can also print out our measuring tape template. Cut out the tape measure as described in the PDF and wrap it around your ring finger (note: in Germany wedding rings are worn on the right hand).

Now print out the ring tape measure (PDF)

Measure finger circumference with thread (or paper strip)

An easy way to measure ring size is if you have one thread use. To do this, you cut a piece of thread and wrap it around your finger. At the point where the thread intersects, cut off the overhanging side. Now unwind the cord from your finger again, place the thread on a ruler and measure the length. The measured value is the circumference of the thread. Since the circumference is identical to the ring size in Germany, you have just determined the size that you will need for your ring. If you want to buy wider rings (from 4mm), we recommend one instead of a thread Paper strips to use. It is best to cut the width of the strip as wide as the ring that you will wear later. The determination of the ring size with paper strips is identical to the thread in the next steps.

INFO: Estimate ring size! The ring size can also be approximately determined based on the body proportions. The ring size in the following table is only intended as a guide.

4. Find out the ring size on the existing ring

If there are rings lying around at home, this is a quick way to find out your ring size. These methods are also very useful when you need to secretly find out the ring size (e.g. if it's a gift or you want to buy an engagement ring). Ideally, you have several rings available to measure so that you can check whether the rings have different ring widths. If this is the case and it is not possible to find out which ring was worn on which finger, then take the average of all measurements.

Print out the ring template

Print out the ring template and position your ring over the templates until the line coincides with the inner circumference of the ring. Before printing, pay attention to the instructions for setting the pressure, otherwise the values ​​may not be correct.

Now print out the ring template

Measure the ring diameter with a vernier caliper or ruler

If you already have rings, you can easily determine the diameter of the ring with a ruler or vernier caliper. Since some rings can be oval, it is a good idea to measure the diameter in different places. So turn the ring a few degrees and measure again. If there are discrepancies, it is best to use the average value (sum of the measurement results divided by the number of measurements).