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  • Registration

    • How do I log into Amazon Flex?

      Go to Get Started, select the region in which you want to make deliveries, and answer a few questions. If you don't see your region, choose My region is not here off to be placed on our waiting list. If you meet our requirements, we'll get back to you with the next steps to download the Amazon Flex app.

      Anyone who transports parcels is obliged to inform the Federal Network Agency about this. To do this, you need to fill out a form, which can be found here. Here you will find instructions on how to fill out the form if you are on the way for Amazon Flex.
    • What are the next steps after I have registered on

      Amazon Flex offers the following delivery options: Do you have several hours a day to earn money? You can pick up parcels from a variety of locations and deliver them to Amazon customers. When delivering packages, you can usually deliver between 2 to 4 hours.

      Prime Now: Are you short on time? Pick up household supplies or groceries from an Amazon fulfillment center or local store and have them delivered within 2 hours. The routes usually take 1 to 2 hours.

    • What kind of device do I need?

      To deliver parcels with Amazon Flex, in most regions you need an Android smartphone 6.0 or higher with 2 GB RAM and an integrated camera for scanning. In certain selected regions, the Amazon Flex app is also available for iOS 10.3 (iPhone 5 or newer). We'll let you know what type of device is required in your region when you complete the eligibility survey.
    • What kind of vehicle do I need?

      You need to use a mid-size two-door or four-door sedan or a larger vehicle, e.g. B. a station wagon or van. Smaller cars (e.g. Smart) and open vehicles (e.g. pick-ups without a cover) are not permitted.
    • Can I use a borrowed or rental vehicle?

      You can use a borrowed or rented vehicle as long as you have all the necessary licenses, permits, proof of insurance and other permits with you.
  • Download the app

    • What are the minimum requirements for an Android phone?

      • Android 6.0 or higher
      • RAM memory 2 GB or higher
      • Camera with flash
      • GPS location service
      • SIM card
    • What are the minimum requirements for an iPhone?

      • iOS 10.3 or higher
      • iPhone 5 or newer
    • How can I download the app again?

      Download the Amazon Flex app by entering this URL into your mobile phone's web browser:
      If you're using an iPhone, please trust the app:
      1. Go to Settings > Generally > Profiles or Device management.
      2. Tap, Inc > Trust, Inc.
      3. When prompted, tap trust.
      4. Go to your home screen and launch the Amazon Flex app.
    • I've forgotten my password. How can i reset it?

      You can change your password by following the steps below:

      1. 1. Sign in to
      2. 2. Click or tap My account > Registration and security .
      3. 3. Click or tap next to password on To change.
      4. 4. Enter your current password and new password and click or tap save Changes.
    • I know I downloaded the Amazon Flex app on my Android smartphone. But how do I find it?

      Go to the Google Play Store and follow these steps:
      • 1. Download the free app File manager from ZENUI, ASUS Computer.
      • 2. Search in the app File manager to signed (signed) or delivered (delivered) and tap the Amazon Flex app to open it.
    • I downloaded the app but received an error message. What do I do now?

      Find the error message below and follow the instructions.

      Installation blocked
      • 1. Go to on your Android smartphone security > Settings.
      • 2. Choose Unknown sources out.

      Technical error (error code 224)

      Try one of these options:
      A. Check that your Android smartphone is compatible with the Amazon Flex app:
      • Android 6.0 or higher
      • at least 2 GB RAM memory
      • Camera with flash
      • GPS location services
      • SIM card

      B. Change the language on your Android smartphone to German:
      • 1. Go to on your Android smartphone security > Settings > language and input.
      • 2. Tap language and then select German Germany) out.

      C. Disable or uninstall any apps that change the lighting on your smartphone based on the time of day.

      Activate the location settings
      • 1. Go to on your Android smartphone security > Settings.
      • 2. Tap Locationto activate it. If Location is already enabled, tap it to disable it. Then tap it again to turn it back on.

      Package scanning problem
      Make sure your smartphone is running Android 6.0 or higher.
  • Set up an account

    • Do I have to sign in to the Amazon Flex app with an Amazon account?

      When you register for Amazon Flex, you can use your existing Amazon account. You can also create a new Amazon account to use with Amazon Flex.
    • Can I create more than one Amazon Flex account?

      No, you can only have one Amazon Flex account.
  • Account management

    • How do I update my password?

      You can change your password using the following steps:

      1. 1. Sign in to
      2. 2. Click or tap Your Account > Login & security (My Account> Login and Security).
      3. 3. Click or tap next to the row Password (Password) Edit (To edit).
      4. 4. Enter your current password and new password and click or tap Save changes (Save Changes).
    • How do I update the email address on my account?

      You can change your email address using the following steps:

      1. 1. Sign in to using the email address and password currently associated with your Amazon Flex account.
      2. 2. Click or tap Your Account > Login & security (My Account> Login and Security).
      3. 3. Click or tap next to the row E-mail (Email) Edit (To edit).
      4. 4. Enter your new email address and password and click or tap Save changes (Save Changes).
    • How do I update the email address or phone number associated with my account?

      After completing the onboarding steps in the app, you can enter your address and phone number in the app via Account > Basic information Update (Account> Basic Information).
    • How do I update the validity date of my driver's license?

      After completing the onboarding steps in the app, you can access your driver's license information via Account > Driver's License Update (Account> Driver's License).
    • What should I do if I move and want to change my region in the app?

      Send us an email via the app with the region you want to be assigned. After receiving your request, we will start updating your region in the app. Please remember to clear your availability in the app to ensure that you will not receive any offers during the transfer.
  • Background checks

    • How long does the background check take?

      Your background check can usually take a few days. If you have any questions about your background check, please contact Accurate Background at 0800-182-5613.
    • What should I do if I need to change the information in my background check?

      To change the information provided on the background check application, contact Accurate Background at 0800-182-5613.
  • Plan delivery blocks

    • How can I reserve a delivery block?

      There are two ways to get delivery blocks:

      1. 1. In the Amazon Flex app, go to Calendar (Calendar) to update your availability. You will then receive offers for delivery blocks that are only available to you based on the dates you have specified. You must accept or decline these offers before they expire.

      2. 2. Tap Check for Available Blocks (Check for Available Blocks) on the Amazon Flex home page to accept offers during the day. These offers, which are available to all users, can be published up to 24 hours before the start of the block.
    • How do I find out whether the desired delivery block has been confirmed?

      If you accept an offer, you will receive a confirmation message in the app. To view your upcoming delivery blocks, call the calendar on. Orange dots mean that you have a confirmed delivery block on this date.
    • What happens if there is an incident and I cannot deliver within the confirmed delivery block?

      If you expect to be late or unavailable for a delivery block, give us a call calendar in the Amazon Flex app, tap on the day of a planned block and then at least 45 minutes before it begins Hand in pad.
    • What does it mean when there are orange dots on my calendar?

      Orange dots mean that you accepted an offer for a delivery block that day.
    • Is there a minimum number of deliveries I need to make on Amazon Flex in order to continue to be a part of it?

      There is no minimum number of deliveries required to continue working as a delivery partner for Amazon Flex.
    • Can I schedule Amazon Flex as a full-time job to make a living?

      Amazon Flex offers its delivery partners a flexible way to earn extra money in their free time. The available delivery blocks may vary from week to week and are not guaranteed. It shouldn't be scheduled as a full-time job.
  • What to expect on the first day

    • Do I have to bring something or do I have to wear special clothing?

      As an independent contractor, you can take everything with you to support delivery. Wear what you want with Amazon Flex.
    • What do I do when I arrive at the delivery station?

      Tap or swipe I arrivedwhen you are at the delivery station. Depending on the delivery station, you may need to show your ID to the administrator or security company.
    • Where do I start delivery?

      Your block begins at an or Prime Now distribution center. The address is displayed in the app one hour before the start of the block.

    • What do I do if I have a question about delivery on the go?

      In the app, tap in the top right corner Helpto call support.
    • What am I going to deliver?

      They will deliver Amazon parcels. Tens of thousands of products are available on Amazon, including electrical goods, home appliances, various groceries, alcohol, and more.
  • Merit

    • When will my payment be made?

      For timely provision with Amazon Flex, you receive from 25 € per hour.
    • How do I get paid?

      You can check the status of your payment on the Profit Screen of the Amazon Flex app.

      Amazon Flex will make payments on Tuesday and Friday by wire transfer to the bank account you specified when you signed up. Typically, you should see payments in your bank account the following day. Credit may be delayed due to events such as bank holidays.

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