What is contemporary educational philosophy

Transformative educational theory - the continuation of a narrative

Stieger, Sophie Pia (2018) Transformative educational theory - the continuation of a narrative.
Master thesis, University of Vienna. Faculty of Philosophy and Education
Supervisor: Tröhler, Daniel

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Abstract in German

The contemporary educational philosophy is writing a new chapter in its history. As so often before, it is about the realization of ideals and future utopias through education. The continuation bears the heading Transformatory Theory of Education and continues the neo-humanist understanding of education in a (post-) modernized way under this catchphrase. The present work attempts to reflect on this new stage of educational theory from a (discourse-analytical) meta-perspective. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the historical growth of educational semantics, the specific historical and national context in which it was possible to speak of education, as well as various shifts in content that the term has undergone to this day. The second part looks at the changed signs of the current discussion. It will be shown what the transformative educational theory with its attempt to revive the interpretation pattern 'education' responds to, what benefit the reformulation brings as a transformation of the relationship between self and world and how this new 'consensus formula' within German educational science could be stabilized. The aim of the work is on the one hand to make shifts and continuities in the educational discourse visible and on the other hand to offer possible explanations for them. According to the leading thesis, it can be shown that the transformative educational theory is an attempt to save the German educational philosophy, which has lost massively in importance both within educational science and in public discussion. The transformative educational theory can thus be understood as an expression of the disciplinary political struggle for the supremacy of a specifically philosophical concept of education and its establishment as a central orientation category of educational research and individual life courses.

Keywords in German

Transformative educational theory / transformative educational processes / educational philosophy / Hans-Christoph Koller / discourse analysis / educational discourse / disciplinary policy / history of education / contemporary educational discourse / contemporary educational theory

Keywords in English

philosophy of Bildung / educational philosophy / German educational discourse

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