How much attic insulation is recommended

Attic insulation: EnEV obligations, insulation measures and costs

EnEV regulations

Therefore, the currently applicable Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV 2014 also writes home owners Limit values ​​for attic insulation which must not be exceeded.

For certain cases the Insulation even mandatory (retrofitting obligation):

  • A top floor ceiling that is uninsulated from the attic and overlooks heated rooms must be from 2016 insulated in such a way that the associated U-value is 0.24 W / m2K does not exceed.
  • Alternatively, the roof can also be insulated if this is not yet the case.

EnEV exceptions

The However, there is no obligation to retrofit, if the top floor ceiling and the (possibly already insulated) roof above the Already comply with the minimum thermal insulation in accordance with the DIN 4108-2: 2013-02 standard. It can be assumed that the minimum thermal insulation of wooden beam ceilings, regardless of the year of construction of the building, and also of solid ceilings from the late 1960s onwards, will be met.

Also do not have to retrofit Homeowners who live in their own houses with a maximum of two residential units and who have already done so before February 1, 2002. Here, insulation only becomes a duty if the house is sold because it would mean a change of owner. The new home owner would then be required to insulate, which he would have to comply with within two years.

Caution: If the EnEV is violated, it is a punishable administrative offense that can result in a fine as a punishment.