Why are most people such cowards

Coward: How Cowardice Limits You

You are such a Coward… Have you heard this sentence one time or another? From colleagues, friends or within the family. Sometimes more of a joke, but sometimes with a more serious tone as a well-intentioned hint and warning. While no one would like to hear that they are a coward in many areas, with a little honesty most people will know very well whether you are more of a coward and back down when things get tight. But that doesn't make it any less difficult to break your own behavior patterns and cowardice to overcome. This is exactly what is necessary, however, since cowards in many cases stand in their own way, leave opportunities behind and thus sabotage their own success ...

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What makes a coward

A coward is someone who no courage Has. This is what the definition looks like, or at least very similar, that appears first in many minds. Such an explanation is certainly not wrong, but unfortunately also not very informative, but very general and superficial. Of course, cowardice is always the absence of courage, but this is shown through various traits, decisions and actions.

Cowardice is generally spoken of when a person behaves almost exclusively guided by fear leaves. Cowards are often described as fearful, discouraged, reserved or even meme-like, because they lack the necessary guts in many situations. As soon as the slightest risk is in sight, they run away and hide as best they can.

A distinction can be made between whether someone is a chronic coward is and really always pinches and acts out of fear or has only been noticed in exceptional cases through seemingly cowardly behavior. This also shows how fine the line can be between a coward and a thoughtful person. Sometimes it is actually quite clever and right to listen to your own fear and to choose the safe path instead of taking every risk that comes up.

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Cowards stand in the way of your own success

The second category, however, is rather the exception. If someone is really cowardly, this usually runs through them entire character and shows itself accordingly again and again. On the one hand, this is not necessarily the end of the world. Cowards play it safe, avoid risks and thus run less risk of being confronted with possible negative consequences.

On the other hand, cowards make life difficult for themselves, they let obstacles a lot too easy to stop and do not manage to jump over their own shadow and overcome fears once in a while. For someone who wants to be successful, anything but good qualifications.

Goals can be achieved if you are a coward, but they will likely take much longer than the competition. While others are already looking forward to the fruits of their labor, which they can reap through one or the other risk, because they have not let their fear hold them back, you are still looking for a way that will suit you the fear dictates.

Often this doesn't even exist and so you step on the spot, because your fear is blocking you. Take the step into self-employment and try to be successful in the market with your own idea? Almost unthinkable for cowards. Ask the boss about more responsibility and a raise? Here, too, cowardice throws a spanner in the works.

In the professional world, but also in private life, there is seldom absolute security. One stays everywhere Residual risk, an uncertainty that can raise doubts. If you always let your fear determine which decisions you make, success moves further and further into the distance.

Quotes and sayings on cowardice

  • Cowardice, the mother of all cruelty.Michel de Montaigne
  • To talk without knowing is unwise. To know and to be silent is cowardly.Han Fei
  • A coward is one in whom the instinct for self-preservation functions normally.Ambrose Bierce
  • The cowardly takes flight, the brave one takes a tactical retreat.Martin Gerhard Reisenberg
  • Those who admit that they are cowardly have courage.Fernandel
  • The fig only threatens where it is safe.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • The secret of power is knowing that others are even more cowardly than we are.Ludwig Börne
  • Cowardice is the most effective protection against the temptation.Mark Twain

This is how you stop being a coward

Once a coward, always a coward? Not necessarily. It takes some effort and time, but you can learn to be less cowardly and go through life with more courage. This does not mean that you happily expose yourself to every danger, take risks completely recklessly and try to do something daring at all times. It is the wrong way to prove your courage by stumbling from one calamity to the next.

Fortunately, there are other ways to become less cowardly. It is particularly important: work on that Opinion of others no longer to be overestimated. In really dangerous situations in which you could injure yourself physically, fear is a natural and important reflex that is supposed to protect you from harm - in other situations, such as at work, you are not afraid of physical injury, but rather what others might think of you if something goes wrong and the worst case occurs.

You don't want to be judged or criticized for failing so be cowardly and leave it the same. You put the opinion of others above your first impulse, let yourself be restricted by it and thus cause cowardice. If you listen to yourself and have enough self-confidence, you will no longer be a coward, but will be able to make decisions that may be risky and not everyone else's favor.

Also, there is one more attitude that you should be working on that can turn you into a coward: Your perfectionism. The probability that you will be able to bring yourself to something despite fear drops to zero if you always want to do everything perfectly. If the very possibility of mistake puts you off, it's hardly surprising that you are a coward. Accept that not everything can always work out and that it doesn't matter if something goes wrong. Once internalized, you can leave your cowardice behind.

Last but not least, it helps if you don't try overnight to stop being a coward. Rather, it may frighten you even more if you try to face your greatest fears and take enormous risks right from the start. Let it rather take it slow, set small goals that will help you overcome your fears and slowly work your way towards bigger things.

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