Some women masturbate through their clothes

Female masturbation: Make it even more fun with these tips

Nice detail first, which unfortunately speaks volumes: The term 'masturbation' comes from Latin and is made up of "manus" (hand) and "stuprare" (to stain oneself, to dirty oneself). What a negative and uptight term, right? But no wonder. After all, masturbation was considered a taboo subject for a long time - female masturbation in particular was hushed up for a long time.

Even if we are a bit more progressive today, only a few girls and women openly admit that they self-gratify (80 percent of women masturbate regularly). While boys and men like to brag about jerking off and talking about jerk off templates, the subject of masturbation is rather taboo among women.

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Masturbation: This is the role played by education

Upbringing plays a crucial role in our sexuality. It is a shame that many parents reprimand their children when they touch their genitals and discover their excitability. What could be a first, natural exploration of one's own body and sexuality is suddenly dirty and taboo. You don't touch yourself there. You do not do that. Don't play around with yourself.

As a child, you are actually left to your own devices when it comes to experiencing your own body and understanding what is going on there. And of course children are insecure when they touch themselves for the first time and notice that they think it's beautiful, but are also ashamed of it at the same time. It would be better for parents to explain to their children what is going on and that it is not "Baba" to touch yourself, but actually something very natural.

Why masturbation is so important

The taboo surrounding female masturbation is of course of little help for the later sex life of women. Numerous studies show that women who satisfy themselves lead a much more active and fulfilling sex life. For example, did you know that half of women only reach orgasm while masturbating? Therefore: do it when you feel like it!

Masturbation is the best way to discover your own body and get to know your sensitive body parts: clitoris, G-spot and other erogenous zones. And this knowledge also benefits your sex life with your partner. Once you know how to climax on your own, you can more easily guide your partner on how you want to be stimulated and clearly tell them what pleases and arouses you.

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How to masturbate properly: manual stimulation

Female masturbation is very simple: Lie down comfortably, optionally on your stomach, most prefer to lie on your back. Then you touch yourself, stimulating your labia, clitoris and the inside of your vagina. Feel with your fingers and feel what excites you and what does not.

First start by pampering the external genital organs with your index or middle finger with caressing and rubbing finger movements. To do this, pull the outer labia slightly apart to get to the clitoris. Find out for yourself the rhythm with which you feel the strongest feelings of pleasure and then keep this pace until you reach orgasm.

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Masturbation with a sex toy: this is how it gets intense

The vagina is deep and therefore difficult to access for the hands. It's good that there are sex toys that go where your fingers are too short. You move a vibrator or dildo in the same way as your partner's penis does during penetration. Starts with sliding in-out movements, as with sex, to create a rubbing effect and determine the right rhythm and pressure for maximum pleasure. There are also vibrators that you can hang on, i.e. for purely external stimulation, which only pamper your clitoris.

Tip: If you can't climax with a normal dildo or vibrator, you can also try a clitoris sucker. Same goal, different method: Here, underpressure stimulates without contact. Here's the best rated clitoral sucker on Amazon!

Masturbating despite a relationship? Oh yeah!

By the way: If you are alone and masturbate, it does not necessarily have to be a compensation for a lack of sexual intercourse. It is a complete misconception that men and women will only satisfy themselves if they do not have a sex partner. That's nonsense.

And if you, as a woman, worry that your partner masturbates a lot, then this worry that you are missing something in your sex life is absolutely unfounded. Solo sex is different from sex with your partner. Competitive thinking or even jealousy is not necessary here.

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Kopfkino: That's how important hot fantasies are in masturbation

During solo sex, you allow yourself a moment just for yourself, in which all compulsions are forgotten and all wild dreams and fantasies are allowed. Let your head cinema run free! You can imagine the wildest situations (and sex partners). This is all about you and what turns you on.

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And if you want to share this intimate moment with your partner, it can be a great vote of confidence. Nice side effect: by watching you give yourself pleasure, he becomes increasingly familiar with your sexual preferences! He can still learn something from that. And the spectacle will definitely make him hot.