Watches are viewed as jewelry

Accessories etiquette: the right wristwatch

Too much jewelry is frowned upon in business life - too loud, too intrusive, latently dubious. Only a few accessories are tolerated - such as the Wrist watch. In the age of smartphones, it is no longer a necessary piece of jewelry, but for men it is often the only visible accessory and a status symbol ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Accessories etiquette: the right wristwatch

You may be thinking now: What can you go wrong with a wristwatch? A whole lot!

  • While men by the Choosing the wrong watch fast than chubby can be viewed
  • there are too many stones and in women Blingblingthat can leave a dubious impression.

Regardless of whether it is cufflinks, belts, ties or a watch: Often they are Subtleties and detailswho decide how competent and serious a person is.

Etiquette rules for men's watches

The men's watch is one of the few accessories that a man can wear in everyday business life, and whether that sounds fair or not, it is still a kind Status symbol. Therefore, one (s) should adjust the value of the watch as much as possible to the professional status.

Two examples:

  • A internwho wears a Rolex watch can quickly appear arrogant.
  • At a Manager would probably find it inconsistent and negative if he wears a cheap watch on his wrist.

The brand is not decisive (in some cases it is not immediately visible), on the colors and the poll it depends on the rest of the outfit.

Whether a man opts for a gold, silver or anthracite-colored watch is a matter of taste. If the watch has a leather strap, it should be used Color of the shoes and the belt fit. It is difficult to hit the exact same note, but the tendency should be right:

  • Brown shoes - brown bracelet;
  • Black shoes - black bracelet.

This dress code is also seen a little more loosely in more creative professions. Men can also choose more unusual models here.

A clock that displays a binary code instead of the analog time is a pretty eye-catcher and in some cases even a good starting point for a small talk.

One detail that you should definitely pay attention to: You can make watches Beeps to adjust. Even if such a tone can only be heard briefly every hour, please switch it off. Too pushy. It could bother colleagues or customers. And actually it's just annoying.

Gift idea: “The Pioneer” men's watch from Nordgreen

Minimalist, Danish design - this is what characterizes the watch "The Pioneer“From Nordgreen. It was designed by the well-known designer Jakob Wagnerwho has also worked for brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Leonardo Alessi, B&B Italia and Cappellini. Although the dial looks almost empty, the watch offers functions such as a stopwatch, date display and water resistance up to 5 ATM. Inside is a Japanese quartz movement and ensures reliable time information.

The men's watch has a domed sapphire crystal. The housing consists of stainless steel (316L) and is available in the colors silver, rose gold and anthracite. The dial is available in black, white and blue.

Incidentally, we tested the watch ourselves - in black with a brown leather strap (see illustration) - and we are thrilled: For 249 euros you not only get an elegant and robust men's wristwatch that goes perfectly with a dark suit. But also a unobtrusive accessorythat testifies to style and understatement.

Inspired by the Danish capital Copenhagen, the men's watches from Nordgreen pursue the values ​​of style, simplicity, functionality and sustainability. This is already in the name: North stands for the values ​​as a Nordic manufacturer; green for the Commitment to the environment and society. Every time you buy a watch, you can choose one of three charitable causes to which Nordgreen will donate part of the purchase price.

A Collection overview of Nordgreen's business men's watches can be found HERE.

Disclaimer: We here from time to time recommend products that we think you will like. Our selection is purely subjective and editorially independent. However, there are sometimes partnerships. In this case, we will receive a small commission when you make a purchase using the link. But that is not the case here either.

Etiquette rules for ladies' watches

Women have it easier with watches: if you stick to a simple rule, you can't go wrong. It is: The more subtle, the better.

Watches for women often have a very unusual design. Small stones, a striking dial or an extravagant bracelet. You should choose such models for leisure or at most Casual Friday keep.

Because women are often subtle Jewelry on the job you should make sure that the watch goes well with the rest of the accessories.

Silver and Gold Combining them in one outfit is a no-go. If you still want to give your business outfit a personal touch, you can do so with small details: a colored dial that matches the color of the blouse is such a subtle option.

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