How can I sell emeralds

Now sell emeralds all over Germany at professionals!

2.1. Sell ​​emerald jewelry, ring and stone

As mentioned earlier, not all emeralds are of value. Even so, emerald jewelry is worth selling. Precisely because emeralds are usually set in high-quality gold jewelry, you can look forward to considerable proceeds for the precious metal they contain. So who one Selling emerald ring would like, which is made of gold, can expect a three-digit result due to the high gold price. However, if you want to sell individual emerald stones, you have to be aware that most of the emeralds offered to us are unfortunately not interesting for purchase. This is then because they are treated or synthetic emeralds, or simply stones of poor quality, color and size. Nevertheless, we are happy to make a first rough assessment by email at any time.

3. What is an emerald?

Are you wondering what an emerald is? Then you will find the answer here! An emerald is a valuable gemstone. It belongs to the group of the silicate mineral beryl and gets its typical green color from chromium and vanadium ions. Most emeralds are mined in Colombia, Brazil and the Urals. For many it is new that there is actually a small emerald mine in Austria. The color green has a special meaning in many cultures, which is why the green emerald is so valued. Since it is a rather brittle gemstone, it is accordingly also sensitive to shock. To counter this, the emerald cut, i.e. an octagonal step cut, was introduced. In this form it is more resilient. Due to its sometimes high value, the emerald is often processed or produced synthetically. Imitations of green tourmaline or green garnet are also very common.

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5. Any questions about the emerald sale?

Is my emerald worth now or not? How much do I get for an emerald gold ring? When does the Smaragd purchase in Lübecker Straße open? Should you have any questions like this about the Emerald sale open, just contact us immediately by phone or email. We attach great importance to friendly, expert customer support and our service staff look forward to hearing from you.