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Nothing fair and nothing on the way

Nothing fair and nothing on the way! That is probably the wayfair maxim. I have never seen such an unreliable supplier as wayfair. My sauna, which I ordered at the beginning of December 2020 and paid for immediately, was originally supposed to be delivered on March 8th, 21st. Today I was informed of the 6th postponement of delivery to 01.06.21. A single customer mess!

Ordered a wardrobe - delivered ...

Ordered a wardrobe - a chair was delivered!

I ordered a wardrobe that was due to be delivered today.
The order and the announcement of the delivery were still understandable.
Yesterday the parcel service rang and delivered my order, so I was amazed when I opened the package. I did not receive the wardrobe that I ordered, no, a chair was delivered to me. I complained immediately and I'm curious whether I will get a response today as announced. So here I no longer order. Not that if you order a washing machine, only a wax stand, etc. Clothesline gets!

Inflexible complaint processing and the resulting environmental nonsense

We ordered a floor lamp "Cloverfiled". Arrived relatively quickly. Two defects found during assembly: 1st part missing, 2nd frame slightly warped. Since the shipping box (which should be used for the return) had literally dissolved and the warped frame could be repaired, we wanted to a) spare parts and b) keep the lamp and a small credit note for the effort. We documented both by photo.

An automatic notification came quickly that spare parts had been ordered. Unfortunately, there was no response to the credit request. after a few days the spare parts arrived. They were the wrong ones (despite the photos!). Again written to customer service and a) again requested spare parts and reminded of the credit. The end of the delivery was that only either spare parts or credit were possible. Again written to customer service that we will clarify this via PayPal if only one of two defects is to be corrected.
After all, we were suddenly announced that we would be shipping another lamp. We should dispose of the old one.
Unfortunately, this copy is also warped - and parts are missing. So go back.

End of the song:
- Lots of emails
- Double shipping and 1x return
- Disposal of a lamp

And all for a value of 50 EUR.

Economically and environmentally complete nonsense.

The order of the correct spare parts as well as the credit would have been much better here.

I have been to Wayfair very often ...

I have already ordered from Wayfair very often and everything always went smoothly. Most recently, however, I ordered a desk that was sent to me in the wrong color. Reporting the problem was super easy through the website. Wayfair immediately sent me the correct desk without batting an eyelid and I was even allowed to keep the "old" / wrong one. Am thrilled.

I am really disappointed with ...

I am really disappointed with the service and the staff. I've been waiting for two chairs for almost 3 months. It should arrive after 5 weeks at the latest, which of course is a very long time anyway. Do the trees still have to be felled from which the chairs are made? When asked, you are not even put off in a friendly way, you get the outrageous offer to be able to cancel the order. Thank you, that was the first and last time I order something here!

Warning, obvious fraud!

Beware of fraud!
Had ordered 2 sets of bar stools. 2 pieces arrived last week. When I asked when the second set will be delivered, I received the following answer:
"I'm sorry there were problems with the item I received. You said you received the item incomplete.
After checking, it can be said that the item description on the website was incorrect (we have already forwarded this for correction). The article has thus been delivered in the correct number and the replacement order had to be canceled for this reason ... "
2 days later the item is still being offered as a set at the same price !!!

Friedrich Klotz GmbH & Co KG

Dresser Reynalda arrived and set up today

I bought a piece of furniture with the promise to receive it in about 4 weeks. Surprisingly, it was delivered after just over 1 week. This morning at 11 o'clock the delivery came, as announced, by DPD, exactly in the time limit that was announced. It has now been assembled. All parts, except for 2 M4 screws, were complete and more available (I could easily add them from my reservoir). The prefabricated parts were made to fit perfectly, and with a little practice they can easily assemble these parts according to the blueprint. The last 4 pages could have been saved, where they made it very important that the cabinet should be attached to the wall so that it does not tip over. It stands completely stable on its own, even if all 4 drawers are pulled out. It is very stable and makes a great impression, just as it is photographed and offered on the Internet. For the price-performance ratio, I couldn't have got anything better. 4 drawers that are easy to open on roller rails, it stands there beautifully, heart what more could you want.

The very last ****** store. FAKE offers. ZERO service.

The very last ****** load. Goods are offered that you can buy and pay for, but not get.
Good selection and prices, but unfortunately they are fake.

I ordered there twice. The first time should have been an apprenticeship for me, but unfortunately I let myself be tempted by the beautiful products one more time to shop at Wayfair.

Both times my order was first confirmed, then the delivery date was postponed by months (!). Since I thought the products were great, I wanted them both times, even if I had to wait an outrageous 4 months for them, even though only days (or a few weeks) were specified as the delivery period. After 3 months of waiting I got the next email:
"The warehouse has made us aware that your order cannot be processed due to a technical system error. As a result, we cannot fulfill your order and unfortunately had to cancel it.

I assure you that this procedure does not meet our service standard and that technical processing errors that lead to the cancellation of the order only occur in rare cases. "
But hello, this pathetic approach corresponds exactly to the usual Wayfair service standard. It wasn't the first time, after all.

I am really angry, if I had suspected that it would be canceled again anyway, I would not have waited months for my dream desk and suffered back pain while working at the dining or coffee table. Then I would have bought a desk somewhere else that also exists.

One star is far too many

One star is far too many. What is happening here is underground and indescribable

- Ordered a cabinet in September 2020 (note on the website "Assembly required No")
- Delivered in 11 boxes in October
- 6 missing and / or defective parts make the cabinet unusable
- 4 reorders of the spare parts have not yet been delivered.
- Calls and emails from support remain unanswered or are always answered using the same standard sentences.
- Processing times sometimes a week
- The case went to the lawyer today.

Cheekiness to the power of 10

Very disappointed

To be honest, this star is still too much. I ordered a bed on March 16th and delivery should take 8-10 weeks. My expected date was May 18th. I was really looking forward to the bed because I still sleep on a mattress in my student apartment. On May 11th, 7 days in advance, I was informed that the bed could not be delivered because it was not in stock. The new shipping date was June 8th. One day later I get another email that this will be delayed by another four weeks and that the bed will be with me on July 5th. So I've really never seen anything like it. I'm just disappointed and really angry that I was informed at such short notice. So much hope and joy for nothing.

So at wayfair no ...

So ordering from wayfair is like ordering sofas from Möbel Kabs 😅😂
Nothing is simply delivered.
Of course, you pay an advance payment for both, which is refunded after about 9 weeks if you are very lucky.
So a lot of patience and nerves for everyone who still wants to order there👍

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Such an unreliable company ...

Such an unreliable company is never an option for us again!
I ordered a sofa in February that had a delivery time of 6 weeks. The sofa was moved a total of 5 times and in the end it was simply canceled. As an email they named
Another reason for me like on the phone is just ridiculous! The reason was delivery problems and then no findings in the warehouse. But strangely enough, the sofa is still on sale as available on the website. So the first and last time that I order from Wayfair, just v e r a r s c h e !!!

Caution, no delivery, only consolation

Garden lounger for 800.- ordered and paid 6 weeks ago. So far no delivery, only consolation. Wayfair has neither a branch nor a warehouse here in D. English company. They offered a cancellation, but only then wanted to check the cancellation again. All totally confusing.
PayPal buyer protection requested.