Do you like the month of march


March marks the beginning of spring, which falls on March 20th or 21st. Immediately after the first thaw, the farmers start working in the fields. With kale, Brussels sprouts and lamb's lettuce, the last winter vegetables are harvested while the garden is being re-tilled.

An interesting weather date is March 10th, the so-called day of the 40 knights or martyrs. The namesake only have something to do with the weather as legend has it that 40 Christians had to go naked into a frozen lake on March 9 between 320 and 323 because they did not want to renounce Christianity. A number of weather rules state that the weather, as it is on March 10th, will remain for 40 days.

General rules of the month of March

As much fog as March makes, as often as thunder cracks in June.

At the beginning or at the end of March its poison is dispatched.

When March fog is over a hundred days, rain and thunderstorms come.

Märzenstaub brings grass and leaves.

A lot of fairytale dust is worth one ducat.

If you see yellow flowers outdoors in March, you may well sprinkle your seeds.

Dry March and wet April is the farmer's will.

So much dew in March, so much frost in May.

If you sow too early in March, it is often a wasted effort!

March snow and maiden glory often hardly last overnight.

What March does not want, April will get it. What April doesn't like, May is in the bag.

Märzenblüte is without goodness.

Märzengrün should be beaten back into the ground with wooden mallets.

March rain is not followed by a summer blessing.

Dry March fills the cellar.

If it thunders in March, it snows in May.

A green March rarely brings anything good.

A good year follows the thunder of March - lots of frost and rain are dangerous.

Bleach the laundry on March snow, so all stains have to go away.

Fairy tale dust is like gold, it brings us weeds and grass and leaves.

March gets the plow at Sterz. April keeps him still again.

March says to February: "If I were like you, I would freeze the calf in the cow."

March should come like a wolf and go like a lamb.

A damp, lazy March is the peasant's pain.

Early March leaves serve as prey for frost.

Don't be afraid of the March snow below, a warm heart beats. When a lot of snow drifts in March and a good harvest is in sight

Märzenstaub is worth gold because it brings us grass and leaves.

Warblers in March eh 'the vines sprout, proclaimed a good year is promised.

If the thunder rumbles over a bare forest in March, it gets bitterly cold again.

If it's too damp in March, bread will be light in summer.

Long snow in March breaks the grain of the grain.

If March gets dry, it brings bread for everyone.

Molehills scattered in March, probably worth the harvest time.

March snow hurts the seeds.

March fog brings no hardship, but April fog takes bread and wine.

When March doesn't do what it's supposed to, April is full of whims.

When the cranes come in March, the trees will soon bloom.

1st March

If it rains heavily on Albinus, it annoys the farmer a lot.

3 March

Laughing Kunigunde, she brings us good news.

If the Kunigunde is heavy with tears, the barn and barrel often remain empty.

Kunigund makes you warm from below.

If Kunigunde was heavy with tears, the barn often remains empty.

When it freezes on Kunigunden, the frost reigns for another 40 nights.

If it is already thundering around the Kunigund, then the winter will be colorful for a long time.

6th March

Around the day of Fridolin, the last winter draws on.

With their sheep back again, so the shepherds pull on Fridolin.

After the day of Fridolein, the plow must be in the field.

After Fridolin, winter is coming.

7th March

Perpetua and Felizitas, they bring us the first grass.

March 10th

As it smells of 40 knights, it smells another 40 days.

40 knights with ice and snow, the furnace hurts for another 40 days.

The 40 knights even with ice and snow, they'll hurt the stoves for a long time.

Rain that the forty send will not end for 40 days.

As the weather falls on 40 martyrs, the same lasts for 40 days.

As our weather drops to 40 knights, it holds for another 7 weeks.

March 11

If the Rosamunde brings a lot of storms and winds, it is mild to us much later.

If Rosamunde brings storm and wind, Sybilla (April 29th) is gentle on us.

March 12th

Gregor shows the farmer whether he can sow the seed now, because as Gregori poses, he has to go into the field with the seed.

The swallow arrives at Gregor over the sea's port - and at Bartholomew (August 24th) it is gone again.

Gregor shows the farmer that he can sow in the field.

After the day of Gregorei, the wild duck also lays her egg.

Around the day of Saint Gregory, the swallows also appear.

If there is strong wind around Gregori, 40 days are still windy.

17. March

If Gertrud is sunny, the gardener will be happy.

Gertrud with the pious mind, she is the first gardener.

Sunny Gertrude day, may bring joy to the farmer.

19th March

If it is clear to Josephus, it will be a blessed year.

If Matthias (February 24th) has finally lost his hack, then Joseph will pierce the ice.

If it's nice on Joseph's Day, then things can only go on well.

If it is clear on Joseph's Day, a fruitful year will follow.

March, 20th

Like the weather around the beginning of spring, it usually lasts through the summer.

Like the weather at the beginning of spring, it is all summer long.

As the sun turns towards spring, our summer ends too.

March 21st

If the grain is to be lush, it should be sown at Saint Benedict.

Benedict guides your hand if you sow the fruit in the country with him.

According to Benedict, watch out that one should sow the oats.

According to Benedict, make sure you sow everything now.

After the Benedict's day, one likes to put peas and onions.

Saint Benedict, he'll make the carrots fat.

As the weather shows up for a week according to Benedict, it shows up all summer long.

If you want barley, peas, and onions thick, sow them according to Saint Benedict.

25th March

On the Annunciation, bright and clear, is a blessing for the whole year.

At the Annunciation the swallows come again.

Maria ties up the vines and also accepts light frost.

If it has frozen after the night of Mary, 40 more frosts will be born.

If Mary is beautiful and bright, there will be a lot of fruit in any case.

There will be fog after this day - no more frost will harm the vines.

Beautiful morning of the announcement frees you from many worries.

Crowds of stars on the morning of the Annunciation frees the farmer from many worries.

If the night sky was bright and clear before the Annunciation, it means a good weather year.

When Mary announces herself, the stork and swallow find their way home.

26th of March

If it is damp outside around Ludger, the grain soils also remain light.

27th of March

If the sky is clear again for Rupert, it will be so in July too.