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KT Bank was once again awarded the title “Most Innovative Islamic Retail Bank in Europe 2020” at the Islamic Retail Banking Awards (IRBA).


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Welcome to KT Bank AG. As the first bank with Islam-compliant financial products in Germany and the Eurozone, we put clear values ​​before pure profit orientation. This attitude has a lasting impact on how we think and act. And with it our diverse offer for private and business customers, from free current accounts to lucrative investment opportunities based on the profit-sharing principle, to real estate financing, Turkey transfers, installment loans for larger purchases and investment loans for business funding.

Strong convictions, convincing advantages

Our products and services are Islam-compliant and interest-free. That is, they are aligned with the principles of our faith. At the same time, they comply with generally applicable ethical principles, which makes our offer attractive for every value-conscious person. With this conviction, KT Bank AG is open to customers of all worldviews and wants to be the leading, sustainable house bank for the Muslim community and for everyone who wants to invest in a socially responsible manner.

Islamic banking - profit and ethics united

The KT Bank AG offers banking in accordance with the values ​​of Islam. The most important aspects are the prohibition of interest as well as the prohibition of speculation and gambling, transparency and trading in real values. We don't lend money, we finance real goods. Transactions must be free from extreme risks and elements that are detrimental to society. Investing in highly indebted companies is taboo. The ethical exclusion criteria include the prohibition of investments in the alcohol, pork and tobacco industries as well as in armaments. We want to show you that profit and ethics are compatible.
  • Acting responsibly
  • Greatest possible transparency
  • No interest-bearing money lending
  • No highly speculative deals
  • Investments only in business areas that conform to Islam
An ethics council ensures compliance with these rules - and convincing products that are the result of firm convictions.

A bridge between Orient and Occident

KT Bank AG was founded as a bank under German law. We are a 100 percent subsidiary of the Turkish Kuveyt Türk Beteiligungsbank. The main shareholder of Kuveyt Türk is the Kuwait Finance House, one of the most important financial institutions in the international Islamic banking sector. With these roots, KT Bank AG is of great importance for Germany's economic exchange with both Turkey and the Middle East.

Partnership for success

Whether you want to invest privately or place your business on a solid foundation - we look forward to working in partnership with you.