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Hall of Fame Nick Drake - Pink Moon


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This is a kneeling down for tall, sad folkie Nick Drake. He was born in 1948 as the son of a wealthy timber merchant in Burma. Then he grew up in the Upper Class in Coventry - he was never happy.

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At the age of 15 first guitar, from 17 only seen with black corduroy pants, black jacket and black shoes, nothing but the songs of Tim Buckley and Van Morrison in mind, at 20 first album: "Five Leaves Left" it says, stolen from the warning on the cigarette papers: You only have five left. More on that in a moment.

At the age of 18, Nick was sent to college in Cambridge, following the old family tradition, where he made his first appearance. And then it becomes clear: the gigantic, but closed and cryptic Nick Drake becomes a great folk existentialist. A member of the Fairport Convention listens to him and passes him on to producer legend and Pink Floyd discoverer Joe Boyd. He is enthusiastic and takes him under the wing. Of course, the debut was a critical success, but commercially flopped completely.

First tour, first fiasco

Nick, shy to autistic at this point, a stranger in his own body, is sent on tour to promote the album live. A fiasco: Nick is sitting on a small stool with his guitar, his gaze desperately fixed on his black loafers, unable to look the audience in the face. He decides never to tour again, leaves college just to write songs. His second album "Bryter Layter" is created.

"The one perfect album"

Nick Drake - Pink Moon (Cover)

Velvet underground man John Cale also plays on "Bryter Layter". Nick Drake is as unpsychedelic and unhippy on the album as the Velvets, as morbid as Scott Walker and as sinister as Leonard Cohen, except that Nick can actually sing. About Nick's second record, his producer Joe Boyd will later say that it is the one perfect album he has produced in his life. All the worse for the sensitive singer that this work does not sell either. Nick hides more and more in his parents' house, swallows antidepressants, but his fear grows stronger. And you can hear that in his songs too.

For three years Drake is enveloped in the mists of depression, unable to write new songs. At some point he pulls himself up and writes his third album.

"Pink Moon" is recycled for a car advertisement decades later - but his only hit comes years too late for him. "If you are feeling so bad, Nick, why don't you kill yourself?" A friend asks him. "That would be too cowardly, and besides, I don't have the courage to do so," is his paradoxical answer. A few months later, Nick Drake is found dead in his bed by his mother Molly. The Brandenburg Concert on the turntable, Camus' interpretation of the Sisyphus myth on the bedside table.

The doctor diagnoses an antidepressant overdose. It is still not clear whether Nick wanted to kill himself. He didn't leave a suicide note. We will remember Nick as one of the tragic figures in pop, but also as one of the great songwriters who influenced everyone from Elliot Smith to the Traunsteiner Marble Man who wanted to tell us a good story with a guitar.