How does fashion attract us?

Fashion designer Jil Sander: Radically casual clothing "pulls down"

The fashion designer Jil Sander does not believe in the sweatpants style that is widespread in the coronavirus pandemic. "Dressing in a radically casual way is a drag," said the Schleswig-Holstein-born fashion designer of the "New York Times" in an interview.

"I'm a modernist and I believe in mapping the future. The fact that fashion keeps taking such nostalgic turns amazes me," she said. "If we attract to yesterday's trends, it reduces our capacity to deal with current problems. If you don't make an effort in the morning, it delays the day and confuses you. If we want to change the world, then we have to we keep renewing ourselves. "

"I never stopped designing in my head"

Sander, who no longer works for the fashion empire named after her, has just designed a collection for the Japanese fashion chain Uniqlo after a long break. "In my head, I never stopped designing," she said. Now I felt ready. I wanted to respond to the throwaway fashion. I believe in designs that I would wear myself. It's been my driving force since the beginning, when I couldn't find anything to work in as a business woman. "

The clothes she designed are "symbols," said Sander. "We need symbols, even if only of the technical clothing type, that encourage us and suggest new beginnings."

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