How good is the DJ Academy

espresso magazine February 2021

21 PEOPLE Did you get to know Hugh Hefner personally? Yes, I got to know “Hef” personally. We were very good friends. It was he who wanted me to be resident DJ and hired me. How was he like that? He was very respectful, funny, always in a good mood, but Hugh Hefner was Hugh Hefner. Through and through a true gentleman and legend. You played at the top spots in the party scene for many years, including in Ibiza. As a DJ, what is your view of the current corona situation as a DJ? Overcrowded dance floors and exuberant parties will not be there for the time being. Do you miss that? Well of course it's shit. Especially when one is “reduced” from 100 to 0 and is thus robbed of one's existence. If bookings are canceled and everyone in my branch has no income ... Overcrowded dance floors and boisterous parties are guaranteed not to happen again anytime soon. But of course you miss them, especially when you are on tour all over the world, like I usually am ... We all have to keep the faith that everything will be fine again and that we will soon be able to celebrate together again and without restrictions. In the meantime I'll bring the club home to you with live streams and my LEGACY radio show! You recently started playing on Radio Galaxy every Monday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. What can the listeners expect in these two hours? Right, the LEGACY radio show has been on Radio Galaxy Ingolstadt since the beginning of December. Every Monday in the first hour of the show I have the best of soulful, funky, disco & vocal house in my luggage, plus current releases and interviews with international artists and VIPs from film & fashion - who have also had to do with music in the past. In the second hour there is always a live mix from me or an exclusive guest mix from one of my show guests. Did you end up in Ingolstadt because of your engagement with Radio Galaxy or why did you come here? Good question ... for love, of course. You are currently planning a DJ Academy called “LEGACY” together with your fiancé Mona. How did you come to this decision? After family planning in Ingolstadt is in full swing, so I won't be on tour as often as I used to and I would like to pass on my LEGACY (“my legacy”), we decided to found the DJ Academy. The up-and-coming talents from Ingolstadt and the region will get the DJ AC ADEMY "LEG AC Y" START expected in mid-2021 Schn OFFER Trial, group and individual courses in DJ'ing ◊ FOR everyone who wants to DJ ◊ LOCATION Ingolstadt ◊ INSTAGRAM @mylegacy .in EVERY PARTY IN THE PLAYBOYMANSION WAS CRAZY & OUTOF CONTROL! ARETHAWARWIE A THIRD OOMA FORMICH Opportunity to learn "hands on" from an internationally established DJ. In addition, several international DJs will accompany the lesson as guest lecturers with their know-how and pass on their tips, tricks and experiences to the students. Which target group do you want to address? Actually everyone ... Girls and boys from 6 to 99 years old who are interested in DJing. What do you offer? As soon as the current situation allows us, we offer, for example, trial courses as well as group and full-intensive individual lessons - in order to learn DJ'ing from scratch. Where will the DJ Academy be located? Or does everything run virtually? In Ingolstadt, live - not virtually. It might be nice to watch YouTube videos for tips, but I think a real one-to-one is necessary to create the right vibe and connection with the DJ's music. Needs those interested Do you have your own DJ equipment? No. We provide our students with the very latest DJ equipment in the Academy, which is also a professional standard internationally in clubs and at festivals. When should the Academy start? As soon as how Possible. We can hardly wait! Probably in mid-2021. If you are interested, follow us now on Instagram. You can find all the latest information and more at @

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