Cold drinks help reduce fat

These are the best drinks other than water if you want to lose weight

Hollywood stars assure it again and again and doctors and nutrition experts never tire of making it clear again and again: Drinking water is important and healthy. And especially when losing weight, water is the be-all and end-all - or rather the go-to drink par excellence. After all, water has no calories. But what if simple water is just too boring in the long run? No problem! Because in addition to so-called infused water, i.e. water that is enriched with metabolism-stimulating foods such as lemon, cayenne pepper or ginger and is supposed to help you lose weight, There are also other diet drinks that shed pounds in no time. You can find out which ones are here ...

3 drinks to help you lose weight

1. Green tea with fresh ginger and lemon

Tea makes you slim? Of course, like water, it has zero calories. But tea can also boost fat burning and slow down cravings. Green tea, in particular, can be a real aid. Studies show that green tea boosts fat burning. The reason for this is the contained polyphenols, in particular the so-called catechins, which are also responsible for the bitter taste, among other things. For an even stronger weight loss effect, fresh ginger and lemon can be added. The tuber also stimulates digestion and also strengthens our immune system and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

2. Cold coffee with cinnamon

Without coffee, without you? No problem, because you don't have to do without the black gold when losing weight. In fact, the drink can even help you shed pounds. Because coffee not only gives us a real stimulant kick thanks to the caffeine, it also has a positive effect on our metabolism. The chlorogenic acid it contains also inhibits certain digestive enzymes, which means that less fat and sugar are converted and absorbed. Tip: brew the coffee cold! Because the acid is quite sensitive to heat. In addition, a cold brew coffee tastes more aromatic and contains less acid. With a pinch of cinnamon, the coffee not only tastes sweeter, but also prevents cravings and keeps the blood sugar level stable.

3. Blueberry juice

Yes, summer time is berry time. But the fruity fruit not only tastes good in muesli or with yoghurt, it is also a real all-rounder as a drink. Blueberry juice in particular is a real insider tip when it comes to losing weight. According to a study, a glass of blueberry juice a day has a positive effect on insulin levels. The hormone is involved in the regulation of the metabolism, especially that of carbohydrates, and can be stabilized by blueberry juice. In addition, the juice activates messenger substances that give the body the command to burn fat and sugar. But be careful: This only applies to juices with 100 percent fruit content and no added sugar!

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