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For oral sex with a wow factor: the best tips and tricks

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Whether as part of foreplay or as a targeted way to bring the partner to orgasm: Oral sex enriches the sex repertoire. But in order for oral intercourse to become pure pleasure, you have to master the right technique and, above all, know your partner's body. It would be a shame to spoil oral satisfaction with unpleasant or painful mistakes.

So here comes a little oral sex refresher on male and female pleasure zones and the best methods to let the other float on cloud nine:

Oral sex means give and take

Most important requirement: Never feel obliged to orally spoil your partner if you don't feel like it. Of course, this applies to both sides. It is ideal when both enjoy it and pamper and reciprocate each other. If the pampering program is only one-sided, sooner or later frustration will arise.

Of course, it can also be that he is in the mood for oral sex, but she cannot say the same about herself. In this case, the partner can return the favor in some other way.

Those who do not like to be stimulated orally can instead request an erotic massage, fingers or whatever from their partner. A balanced give and take in sexuality does not mean that the same must always be rewarded with the same. The main thing is that both get their money's worth.

Cunnilingus: Everything about the female pleasure zones

In cunnilingus, the external female sexual organs, i.e. the clitoris, the labia or the vaginal entrance, are excited with the tongue, lips or teeth. Pure enjoyment! The female body also harbors some other erogenous zones that can cause immense feelings of pleasure. Here are the most important points:

The inside of the legs: Licking, caressing and nibbling on the inside of the thighs in order to then work your way up to the female sex - that creates a lot of tension and excitement.

Clitoris: It is the ideal target zone for stimulation of all kinds. The sensitivity varies from woman to woman: some like strong pressure, others gentle caressing, others prefer indirect caresses around the clitoris.

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The labia: They form a kind of funnel at the entrance to the vagina and contain cavernous bodies that enlarge when sexually aroused. Like the clitoris and vagina, they are among the primary sex organs in women. Yet they are all too often neglected.

The vaginal entrance: The mouth can also pamper the opening of the vagina, i.e. the entrance to the vagina. And the tongue can even slide a few inches into the vagina. Because the most erogenous zones of the vagina are located directly in the entrance area.

The dam region: It lies between the entrance of the vagina and the anus. Although it is extremely erogenous in some women, this zone is unfortunately often forgotten during the pampering program. So it's worth trying!

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Fellatio: Everything about the male pleasure zones

The best known and probably most popular form of oral sex is the stimulation of the penis through the mouth, tongue, teeth or lips. Related to the Latin word "fellare" for sucking or sucking, this technique is called fellatio. Colloquially, one speaks more of a blow job or a blow job.

As we all know, men have erogenous zones too - not to mention the penis. A good tactic therefore: start with the most insensitive area and then work your way towards the most erogenous zones in order to slowly but surely increase the arousal.

The scrotums: The sensitivity of the scrotum is different depending on the man. Some men love to be petted, licked and tickled with their tongue there, others remain absolutely insensitive. There is only one option: try it out!

The perineum area: The perineum is the area between the back of the penis and the anus. At this point you can feel the shaft of the penis, which lies under the skin here. Kissing, tongue stroking, or even nibbling and light biting are perfect here. Caution: Do not hesitate to apply strong pressure so that the subliminal penis shaft can also benefit from the caresses.

The anus area: The area around the anus is very receptive to oral caresses, but is unfortunately often neglected. Why? Because of the primary function of the anus, of course. Some women don't like the idea of ​​using their mouth or tongue to move around this area. Neither do some men like it when you approach this area of ​​the body. Still, it's worth trying!

The penis shaft: Of course, people like to kiss and caress this area too - but with a certain amount of pressure. Because this area of ​​the body is not particularly sensitive. The shaft of the penis feels particularly strong pressure, especially in the rear area, where it is less hard even in the erect state. If the mouth slides up and down around the penis while blowing, the effect is also greater if the lips and tongue are squeezed tightly - in contrast to the sensitive glans, which prefer it gently!

The acorn: The glans is the most sensitive area of ​​the man's body and is therefore extremely susceptible to all kinds of caresses: lips, tongue, saliva, teeth (but only very gently, because the glans is very sensitive!). Nothing should be left unturned, because in principle there is nothing that HE does not like here! The most sensitive and therefore most erogenous zone: the glans rim, i.e. the furrow at the transition from the glans to the penis shaft.

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The frenulum: The frenulum, i.e. the ribbon that connects the foreskin of the penis to the underside of the glans, is the most sensitive point of the glans and can cause the most pleasure in men. It is advisable never to start the pampering program with this hypersensitive area, but rather first explore other areas of the body with your mouth and slowly approach the extremely sensitive area. Attention: Maximum caution and gentleness are required here! A very delicate contact is enough to give him an extreme feeling of pleasure.

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Oral sex: it's all about technology

When it comes to oral sex, it's best to vary and try different techniques to find out which gives you the most pleasure. After all, tastes are different ...

Lick: The tongue is nimble, wet and gentle at the same time. This makes it the ideal means to caress your partner particularly erotically. Because the tongue can perform all sorts of tricks: It can circle, lick from top to bottom, vibrate ... and much more, depending on your desire and imagination!

Suck: The partner feels a gentle pull at the point in question. Of course, this technique ensures special arousal, especially on the nipples, but the glans, clitoris and even penis shaft and vulva are not averse to these caresses.

To press: The tongue, lips, and even teeth can serve to exert pressure. The gentle to strong pressure usually has an extremely stimulating effect on the erogenous zones. You are welcome to pamper your hands and mouth at the same time.

Nibble: The teeth are capable of anything - they can create extreme pleasure, but they can also be very painful! Here everyone has to explore the boundaries between pleasure and pain.

Small aids: An ice cube in your mouth for a little goose bumps, a little whipped cream and chocolate sauce to eat afterwards? Try to incorporate a few goodies into your lovemaking. That brings variety to sex life.

Oral sex and hygiene

Since you get extremely close during oral sex, it is a matter of politeness to feel clean. It doesn't have to degenerate into excessive hygiene. Aggressive soaps and washing lotions are not recommended anyway, as the affected areas of the body are particularly sensitive! Stay away from intimate deodorants, too. Most of the time, a quick shower helps and everything is fine.

It should also be clear that one's own body odor and taste are usually very arousing for the partner. Significantly more than any artificial deodorant or perfume. And if you are afraid of not smelling or tasting good, you can start making love with a shower together.

Oral sex safety

Protection against sexually transmitted infections and diseases, such as AIDS, is extremely important. Nobody should wake up the next day feeling uncomfortable because they haven't thought for a moment. Ideally, you should take an AIDS test before having sex with a new partner. However, even if the AIDS test is negative, there is a risk of other sexually transmitted diseases!

Oral sex is less of a risk than unprotected anal sex and vaginal intercourse, but there is still a risk of HIV if semen or menstrual blood gets into the partner's mouth. Therefore, a condom should be used during fellatio. A so-called dental dam is used for cunnilingus. This is a latex cloth that you put over your partner's vagina during oral sex.

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No gos with oral sex

The imagination knows no limits. That's right. But if you want to get closer to your partner in bed instead of offending them, there are a few things you should avoid. Here some examples:

1. Force gestures
Some men let their partner kneel down in fellatio and hold their heads to give her the rhythm they want. Some women find this uncomfortable because they have the feeling that they are merely an outlet for their lust instead of an equal partner. So don't hesitate to protest if you don't like his behavior.

2. Ejaculate in the face
Ejaculation on the partner's face should only happen if both partners want it to. Because this moment can be perceived as very exciting - or not! It is therefore extremely important to coordinate in advance.

3. Do the gymnastics in porn movies
Sex is not about doing as many impressive positions and practices as possible. And it's not about recreating a porn movie either. Do what you like, but don't put pressure on yourself to conform to any ideal of oral sex. Especially since scenes in some porn films are badly clichéd, submissive or even brutal. Which of course doesn't mean that the occasional consumption of (good!) Porn can't have an inspiring effect!

4. Put the partner under pressure
Forcing someone to use a technique or to have something done to them that they don't like is not a sign of love. Rather, it is a humiliation in which the partner becomes a mere object of pleasure. Love means letting the other have their freedom - even if they do not meet your own wishes.

Created August 4, 2019