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The 5 best guitar freeware

The 5 best free apps for guitar for your smartphone or tablet

With the introduction of smartphones and tablets, we guitarists have also received a lot of apps over time that are supposed to make our lives easier. There are also apps to discover that are free, at least in the basic version.

We have selected 5 freeware apps that you should definitely try out. And if you have further recommendations, please don't forget to post your favorite freeware guitar apps under the article.

Without question, a good tuner is the be-all and end-all of every guitarist's accessory. The app Guitar tuna, which the manufacturer itself advertises as the "# 1 tuner in the world", offers a basic version of a tuner with a graphical user interface that, in addition to the standard tuning for guitar, also provides tunings for some other instruments such as bass, ukulele or violin. If the respective string is tuned correctly, the app provides an aid in addition to the graphic display and acoustic feedback. Helpful features such as a simple metronome and a chord database for different chord types also make this app an absolute must-have!

Operating system:iOS / Android

The app All guitar chords represents a real treasure trove in terms of fingering, chord theory, scales and exercises.
Using the fingerboard, the user can display many common chord types including fingerings or tone names and also has access to the scales associated with the chords. Furthermore, chord arpeggios and triads can be called up in inversions. And even the left-handed faction was thought of with a rotated fingerboard view. If that is nothing!

Operating system:iOS

For us musicians, the metronome is part of the basic equipment when practicing. The app Pro metronomes provides a clock that can score with a clear graphical user interface and yet, on closer inspection, has some helpful add-ons up its sleeve. In addition to the time signature, you can set whether beats should be emphasized in different ways or even muted. This option is particularly helpful for advanced timing exercises. Incidentally, the desired speed can also be tapped. The tempo is given both in BPM and with the classic tempo designations.
Only those who would like to work with subdivisions or polyrhythmic patterns cannot avoid the paid Pro version.

Here go to the detailed test of Pro Metronome.

Operating system:iOS / Android

Amazing Slow Downer - Screenshot (Android)

The Amazing slow downer is, as the name suggests, a tool to play songs at different speeds, but also to change their pitch. Loops can even be set freely in order to practice individual parts in a targeted manner. The great thing, however, is that the app not only has access to the smartphone media library, but also to Spotify playlists or Apple Music, so that streaming platforms can also be integrated.
The app is available as a free lite version or full version for 16.99 euros. The difference between the two versions is that the free version only allows you to play and edit the first quarter of a song or a maximum of two minutes. But that's enough for most of the succinct introriffs! The app offers an alternative "Anytune"which allows editing the full length of the song in the free version. However, there is, at least currently, no connection to modern streaming platforms.

Operating system:iOS / Android

5) Metronome Ϟ or MetroTimer

Metronome Ϟ or MetroTimer - Screenshot (iOS)

This app appears in the app store as "Metronome Ϟ", but does justice to the name, which can then also be read on the display in the mobile phone display, namely "MetroTimer".
In principle, you get a metronome, which is joined by a timer function that can be set in fixed time steps, perfect for giving your exercises a temporal structure. The completely sufficient, free version offers eight metronome sounds, including a human speaking voice, a tap function and much more. The mobile phone's light function is also integrated and, if desired, can flash individual beats like a flashlight.
A Pro version is available for EUR 3.49, which enables you to create your own time signature, accents and the creation of playlists, among other things.

Operating system:iOS