How prestigious is UCLA

University of California, Irvine (USA) arranges an optional internship abroad for business administration students after a semester abroad in the master’s program.

Global human resource management

Courses: Foundations of Human Resource Management, Global Workforce Management, International Talent Acquisition and Retention, Cross-Cultural Career Management, Technology Applications in Talent Management


Business administration

Courses: Essentials of Management, Communication in the Business Environment, Finance for the Non-Financial Business Person, Success Strategies for E-Business, Strategic Planning, Entrepreneurship


International Business Operations & Management

Courses: International Business: Strategy and Structure, International Finance: Techniques and Operations, International Marketing: Globalization and Localization, Cross Cultural Communications and Negotiations, Import / Export: International Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Business Planning for Your Product or Service: A Capstone Course


International Finance

Courses: Introduction to Accounting, Financial Mathematics Primer, Financial Modeling Primer, Survey of International Finance Markets, Advanced International Finance, Financial Analysis Primer, Risk Management in the Multinational Firm


International Business Law

Courses: International Sales Transactions I, International Sales Transactions II, Intellectual Property in International Business Transactions, Dispute Resolution in International Business Transactions, Foreign Direct Investments, Corporate Social Responsibility for Multinational Enterprises



Courses: Presentation Skills Workshop, Essentials of Marketing Beyond the Four P's, Web Marketing Integrating Social Media, Understanding Customers and Markets Through Research, Business-to-Business Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Branding, Marketing Planning for Your Product or Business


Media & Global Communications

Courses: Media and Global Communications, Ethics in Marketing and Advertising, Crisis Management and Communications, Public Relations, Disciplines of Advertising, Developing a Social Media Strategy, Persuasion and Social Influence, Capstone: Communication Planning


International Tourism & Hotel Management

Courses: Introduction to the Hospitality Industry, Strategic Marketing and Branding for the Hospitality Industry, Customer Service Management, Fundamentals of Accounting and Budgeting, Human Resources and Leadership for the Hospitality Professional, Project and Event Management, Fundamentals of the Tourism Industry


Project management

Courses: Introduction to Project Management, Project Cost Management, Project Procurement Management: Contracting, Subcontracting & Teaming, Project Monitoring and Control with Earned Value, Management, Leadership, and Team Building within the Project Environment, Project Risk Management, Management of Multiple Projects, Project Management Practicum and Project Simulation


Communication & Embedded Systems Design Engineering

Courses: Systems Requirements Engineering, C Programming for Embedded Systems, Introduction to Communications and Networking, Communications Systems Design, Fundamentals of Embedded Systems Design and Programming, Embedded System Architecture, Writing Portable Devices Drivers


Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Courses: TEFL Professional Workshops, Introduction to Language Learning Theories, Methods of TEFL, Teaching the Skills, Teaching Pronunciation Skills, Teaching Young Learners (K-12), Student Placement & Feedback, Teaching Practice


Data Science & Predictive Analytics for Business Professionals

Courses: Professional Communications Seminar (PCS), Applications of Predictive Analytics, Strategic Business Analysis using Predictive Analytics, Data Preparation for Data Mining, Modeling Methods, Deplying, and Refining Predictive Models, Business Applications of Data Science, Data Exploration, Analytics, and Visualization , Big Data Visualizations and Analytics