Boys like to wear tights or socks

Tights for boys so reprehensible?

I first had to google what a pantyhose for men is because I had these black semi-transparent ones in my head. So they are practically like long underpants, only with feet? Yes so my God, who cares ?!
I was ridiculed / annoyed for one thing or another in school and kindergarten. But I've learned a lot more from it than just adapting. But there were also situations where I "complied". I wasn't always strong enough or convinced enough of myself that I could just put it away.

I like @ m23's statement! I fully support! But I also see it a bit like @ beria89. At the age of your son, I would probably go more to the classic role models. It looks different when he says independently that he likes certain things. Then you shouldn't deny him. Everyone should develop the way they want and feel comfortable. As parents, however, there is also a certain "protective duty" involved. Like @ beria89, I suspect that children in particular can just be really mean. Those who are affected then do not have the maturity and strength not to let it get to them. For this we adults should work all the more for free development and freedom of expression and not simply submit.

What I mean by that: Do not use children to represent their own interests and accept that it can be really difficult for them. But as parents, you can do it yourself. We are strong enough for it. But it is different if the children pretend to be, i.e. cannot develop as they would like to. Then let it do it, even if it could be "difficult".

The real question: let your son wear what he wants.

Oh, one more thing about free choice: This also includes having a choice, i.e. knowing alternatives. As an adult, that means: reading and training. Care and inquire. As parents, that means: showing children a lot, explaining, answering questions, but also asking them. If your son only knows pantyhose, he has a hard time knowing that he might prefer something different.

I like it