How do I choose yoga clothes

Which dynamic yoga clothes are right for me?

From Om to Namasté - those who practice dynamic yoga styles need an outfit for maximum freedom of movement and a healthy body climate. Clothing for dynamic yoga is specially cut in such a way that it convinces with an optimal fit even with demanding asanas. Skin-friendly and breathable materials give you full security even during intensive exercises. Find out what you can wear to Power Yoga and what to look for when buying yoga clothing.

• Clothing for dynamic yoga gives you full freedom of movement.
• For intensive power yoga, sweat-wicking and quick-drying fabrics are recommended.
• Opaque materials give you security so that you can concentrate fully on your exercises.
• A long-sleeved shirt or jacket is essential for strenuous yoga classes.

What clothes do I need for dynamic yoga?

Which clothes are particularly suitable for Power Yoga?

What should I wear while doing yoga to be comfortable?

What clothes do I need for dynamic yoga?

Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Hot Yoga - these yoga styles can efficiently strengthen and shape your body. Fast sequences of movements and demanding postures allow a varied full-body workout. But no gain without diligence: Power Yoga will make you sweat properly. So when it comes to clothing for dynamic yoga, it comes down to you in particular good moisture transport at. And so that you can move around without restriction, all parts of your outfit should be as elastic as possible.

The following sections show you which clothing you need for dynamic yoga. So that you can find exactly the right yoga outfit, we have also listed the features that you should pay attention to when choosing.

Pants for dynamic yoga have a figure-hugging cut without slipping or tearing. In addition to shorts, capris and leggings, you will find yoga pants in the design of sporty jog pants.

Important properties:
√ elasticity
√ Opaque fabrics
√ Without constricting cuffs
√ Without pinching seams

Compared to figure-skimming tops for gentle yoga, the tops for power yoga are cut close to the body. Thanks to the highly elastic fabrics, tops and shirts fit like a second skin. Even with upside down positions, the clothes stay where they belong.

Important properties:
√ Stretchy, breathable and quick-drying fabrics
√ Absolutely opaque

Long-sleeved shirts & jackets

Long-sleeved shirts keep you warm in cold rooms. Cozy jackets can be put on quickly and keep you warm while relaxing on the yoga mat.
For power yoga outdoors, a hooded yoga jacket is recommended.

Important properties:
√ Soft and skin-friendly materials
√ Good heat output

A support bra is already integrated into some yoga tops. A seamless bustier with stronger support is recommended as clothing for dynamic yoga. So nothing can slip even when you stand on your head.

Important properties:
√ Perfectly coordinated fit
√ Flexible, skin-friendly and supple fabrics

The right fit for your yoga bustier So that nothing constricts you during power yoga, DECATHLON offers bustiers for yoga without prefabricated cups. With removable pads you can adjust the bustier individually. Thanks to the material mix of cotton, modal, polyester, polyamide and elastane, the top adapts flexibly to your body shape and sits like a second skin. The seamless technology prevents friction.

Which clothes are particularly suitable for Power Yoga?

Basically, you should wear yoga clothes three selection criteria take into account: the Opaqueness of the product that Freedom of movementthat it offers and good Moisture wicking. Moisture management is extremely important in power yoga, even more so than in gentle yoga. So that you feel as comfortable as possible during your workout, choose lightweight clothing made from functional and breathable fabric that efficiently wicks away sweat.

Highly elastic fabrics made from innovative materials keep your skin dry and cool so that you can stay focused on the sequence of movements even during strenuous exercises. The elasticity also ensures that the clothing does not constrict or slip during dynamic yoga. Because nothing is more uncomfortable than a shirt that also wanders down when the dog is looking down - or pants cuffs that roll up on the stomach when changing asanas quickly.

What do i need for hot yoga?

No yoga style is as sweaty as hot yoga. If you like to sweat, the combination of the actually gentle Hatha Yoga and a room temperature of 40 ° Celsius is just right for you. Provided you wear light and breathable clothing for dynamic yoga. Shorts or 7/8 tights and a yoga bustier - that's all you need. Thanks to the high room temperature, sweat can evaporate quickly. While you're moving, you definitely need one non-slip yoga mat. Get ready to sweat!

What should I wear while doing yoga to be comfortable?

Sport is a motor for the development of highly functional synthetic fibers. High-tech materials also play an important role in clothing for dynamic yoga. If its about Elasticity, moisture transport and a cool wearing comfort clothing made of polyacrylic or polyester offers clear advantages. These performance-oriented fabrics are perfect for sweaty power yoga.

Recommended for nature-conscious athletes and sensitive skin types Yoga clothes made of cotton. When it comes to tops, organic cotton from controlled cultivation and organic polyamides impress with their soft feel. A fair and sustainable production is combined here with high performance properties. Important: Make sure that yoga clothing made of natural fibers is seamless.


Dynamic yoga requires concentration and stability, clothing must not distract you. For this reason, we have designed functional clothing that goes with your body so that you can concentrate fully on your positions and forget about your clothes.