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This is a good way to get through the day in the heat

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Cooling your feet or forearms with water helps against the heat and gets your circulation going.

If the temperatures rise to 30 degrees and more in summer, many people no longer feel good. The reason for this is simple: the core temperature in the organs and in the brain is 37.5 degrees. At this temperature, all organs and all biochemical processes function optimally. The temperature of our body shell is slightly lower and is around 36.5 degrees. However, we have a heat regulator that transports heat from the inside to the outside via the blood.

High blood pressure and fluid loss when exposed to heat

However, it can no longer function properly if the ambient temperature is high. The body surface also heats up. Nevertheless, the body tries everything to keep the core temperature the same: The blood pressure rises because the blood is supposed to carry away the heat, and the body sweats - this creates evaporation cold. It is precisely these two things, high blood pressure and fluid loss that are troubling for many. Headaches, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, general circulatory problems or even circulatory collapse can result.

Stabilize the circulation

Anyone who suffers from severe circulatory problems should consult a doctor. Otherwise: Drink plenty of water, consume salt and minerals, because the body loses a lot of salt through sweating. Broth or savory biscuits replace it again. Resting in the shade, a cool shower or cooling off the forearms or feet under cold water and wet hair can also lower the body temperature and whip up the circulation.

Avoid cold shock

Beware: ice cream not only cools you down, it also brings some people headaches.

If you want to refresh yourself with an ice cream or a cold drink, you may risk a headache: Some people do not tolerate the temperature difference of ice-cold ice cream in the mouth of a very hot body because the blood vessels suddenly constrict from the cold ice cream. Sensitive people should avoid the temperature roller coaster.

Keep rooms cool

In contrast to countries in which it is generally warm, we like to have our apartments and houses facing south in our latitudes. On hot days, the motto is: Only open the windows in the morning before the heat is high and ventilate thoroughly. Then close the windows and draw blinds or curtains to block out the heat and sun. If you want to protect your circulation, it is best to stay in rooms facing north.

Sleep well in spite of the heat

The windows in the bedroom should also be closed during the day. Ventilate thoroughly before going to bed, only tilt the windows at night, as the drafts can lead to tension. To improve the indoor climate, you can hang a wet sheet in front of the window. Even at high temperatures you should cover yourself up and not sleep naked, otherwise there is a risk of catching a cold. Instead of a blanket, a thin sheet is sufficient. If you like, you can put it in the freezer before going to sleep. That refreshes the body. Under no circumstances should you take sleeping pills, because they put additional stress on the circulation.

Showers: lukewarm instead of ice cold

Those suffering from heat can refresh themselves with a damp cloth on their foreheads or by running cold water over their forearms. However, caution is advised with a cold shower: anyone who takes an ice cold shower stimulates his circulation in such a way that problems can arise - and afterwards sweats even more, because the cold shower on a hot day increases blood pressure. It is better to take a lukewarm shower.

Eat and drink properly

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Even more than on other days, care should be taken to ensure sufficient liquid when it is hot. Anyone who sweats a lot has to drink a lot. The drink of choice here is water. Fruit juices diluted with water also replenish the reserves. Older people in particular should constantly remind themselves to drink, as the need for fluids often decreases with age. If you often forget to drink, you should put two liters of water or juice in different places in the apartment first thing in the morning. When passing by, the drinks are a reminder to take a sip.

When it comes to eating, the following applies: no heavy and fatty food, but rather several small and light meals with lots of fruit, salad and vegetables. When shopping, it's best to take a cooler bag with you so that perishable foods such as meat or milk can make it home safely. If possible, local fruits and vegetables should also be in the refrigerator at home. They go bad quickly at high temperatures.

Be careful with air conditioners

What helps in the heat? The tips at a glance

  • Drink plenty of water
  • eat light fare
  • Consume salt and minerals
  • Avoid strong temperature differences
  • Darken south-facing rooms
  • Take a lukewarm shower instead of ice cold
  • Do not set air conditioning systems too cold
  • wear airy clothing
  • Moving sport into the morning hours

Air conditioning in the office should not be set so cool that you have to put on a jacket or sweater. The temperature difference between inside and outside is then much too great. The first step into the air can be more than arduous for the circulation. The same goes for air conditioning in the car. Drivers sit in the same position for a long time in front of the draft from the air conditioning slot. This can lead to muscle tension or conjunctivitis.

Leave air between skin and clothing

If possible, clothing should not be skin-tight, but rather airy. Stretch pants and tight tops should be left hanging in the closet on extremely hot days. It is better to choose loose garments that allow a little air to pass through. If you are out and about, you shouldn't forget to wear a hat: peaked cap, straw hat, cap - anything that keeps the heat out is good for you.

Exercise only in the early morning

If you don't want to do without exercise on hot days, for example in the form of walking or jogging, you should plan this for the early morning hours, when the air is still cool and fresh. Exercise is too stressful for the heart and circulation, especially at lunchtime. The same applies to heavy physical work.

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