Men can wear women's tights

Tights - How many men wear which?

I would be interested to know how many men wear tights of any type (knit, opaque, fine tights, which thickness) for which occasion.

Would you like to do this in public, e.g. in combination with shorts?
I'll ask my wife!
Asks me if guest is the guy about diapers ...
I've already thought about it, but what is missing is the constraint, the being at the mercy. This one does it voluntarily.
There are other weirdos too.
I once had a business partner who was highly respected everywhere, who suddenly disappeared and I found out that he was knocked out. He was a pedophile and wore thick wool tights. You can never look behind the facade.
Who knows what the men are wearing underneath. Or the women.
It doesn't matter as long as they don't do anything.
Apart from that, the question should also be asked differently, i.e. gender-neutral!

Science has now established that there are not only men and women, but also diverse people.

So dear guest, please rephrase the question!
If the guest is interested, he or she has to commission Forsa or Allensbach with a survey.

None of us will have commissioned a survey for this, so no one can give the answer.

The survey will certainly be expensive, given the (probably) low percentage / per mille share of the total population, I would consider a sample of less than 500,000 men to be meaningful.

If the guest only wants one number:

With pantyhose and slits I always get ladder, looks full of shit and unprofessional. What can I do?
When I was a teenager in Berlin's deepest Grunewald forest, I roused a guy who was only wearing fine tights underneath - with a hole halfway up the middle.
why did you frighten him?
Did he poop on your shoe from his half-way hole in the middle?

And are you still looking for men in tights?
I wish you luck.