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Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster



Jor-El (biological father), Lara (biological mother), Kara Zor-EL (cousin), Zor-El (uncle), Alura In-Zee (aunt), Jonathan Kent (adoptive father), Martha Kent (adoptive mother) , Lois Lane (wife), Jonathan Samuel Kent (son)
Superman (actually Kal-El) was sent to planet Earth as a baby, as his home planet krypton was destroyed by an explosion. Raised by Martha and Jonathan Kent, he got the name Clark. He grew up and, thanks to his superhuman powers, became the protector of the earth. In order to keep his true identity a secret from people, he disguises himself as Clark Kent, a journalist at Daily Planet. That's where he learns too Lois Lane know who he falls in love with and who he eventually marries.

Biography Edit source]

When the planet Krypton exploded, his parents sent Kal-El to planet Earth in a space capsule. He ended up in Smallville, Kansas, and was found there by Martha and Jonathan Kent. They adopted the boy and named him Clark. As Kal-El - now Clark Kent - grew up, he soon found that he was given superhuman powers by the energy of the sun. With these he vowed to help others and to protect his new home. He moved to the capital, Metropolis, and became Superman - the man of steel. In order to keep his true identity as a Kryptonian secret from the people, he took a job as Clark Kent at the Daily Planet. There he works as a newspaper reporter.

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Personality [edit | Edit source]

Created in the original seal and Shuster the man of steel as a rough and aggressive hero who cracked down on criminals, thugs and other evils. It was only in his later adventures that Superman was bestowed a gentler being and a steadfast sense of morality.

Even if not as cold-hearted as the early one Batman, Superman proceeded quite ruthlessly against his enemies, and fatalities could not be ruled out. That ended when he decided never to take another life. He remains faithful to this creed with an iron will.

"In many ways, Clark shows more humanity than any of us. Then again ... he shoots fire from the sky and it's hard not to see him as God. Or how lucky we can all be that he doesn't see himself as such . "

- Batman (Superman / Batman # 3)

That being said, Superman is kind of a loner who often stays on his own. He does not reveal his secret identity to even his closest friends and allies. Several times different people try to discover his secret. But he always knows how to lead them on the wrong track and always seems to have a plausible explanation why Superman and Clark Kent cannot be one and the same person.

Superman finds a headquarters for his hero identity in the fortress of loneliness. There he also collects mementos from his adventures and has set up a wax statue for each of his friends.

Powers & Abilities Edit source]

Superman has the ability to fly, superhuman strength, is almost as fast as the Flash, is almost invulnerable and if he is wounded he has an incredible regeneration. Only kryptonite, a mineral from his home planet, can be dangerous to him. The man made of steel can fire a ray of heat with his eyes and is also able to look far into the distance, to look through things (X-ray vision) and to recognize microscopic things. He can also perceive radio waves and X-rays. If he concentrates, he can also fall back on superhumanly sharp hearing. He can do without oxygen for a long time and freeze enemies or objects with his breath.

Over the years and depending on the medium, Superman received different skills and / or improvements.