What are your upcoming travel plans

My travel plans for the summer - Lilli

Every year the first spring-like rays of sunshine and warm days of the year awaken our irrepressible wanderlust for the upcoming summer months - and yet everything is different this year.

After months of lockdowns, curfews and contact restrictions, we all feel the same desire this year: the main thing is to get away! And while advancing vaccination campaigns and nationwide falling infection numbers actually create a realistic glimmer of hope on the otherwise dreary horizon, I share - with all optimism - my (long-dormant) plans for the upcoming summer - always with the certainty that I have the necessary flexibility anyway long ago in my luggage. But feel free to read for yourself!

Visit to the Bavarian mountains

Instead of summer, sun and jokes, this year I am not drawn into the far and unknown on an adventurous exploration tour - rather, my absolute biggest travel wish after a year of pandemic events is a relatively modest one: four hours by train from the capital to the south, a small one House with garden, just in the urban area, the omnipresent view of the surrounding mountains. At least since an extremely bizarre Christmas party with air hugs and a mask requirement in the icy cold, it has been clear: As soon as the number of cases allows, my loved ones get a coveted vaccination appointment and I can finally leave our capital with a clear conscience, I will be drawn home to the Bavarian mountains and of course to my family, who have been waiting to see you again for weeks and months.

In any case, I spent the past year dreaming a lot about exciting domestic trips - preferably in the south of Germany - which I would like to experience this summer. After spending weeks and months on my couch in our Neukölln city apartment, I especially miss the expansive nature in whose surroundings I was allowed to grow up: Long, extensive hikes in the Bavarian mountains, road trips on endless country roads in the setting sun, swimming in front of a mountain backdrop Lake Starnberg, barbecues on the pedals ... my list of adventures is almost endless!

Although I hardly dare to write down the following words at all, I would like to share an experience with you that I am planning for this summer: As a real Bavarian, I actually do not remember the first - and so far only - visit - Neuschwanstein Castle - after all, I was just a little over four years old.

Whatever the coming summer will bring - a road trip through the Bavarian countryside towards this fairytale backdrop is already firmly planned. Because sometimes the most beautiful places are just nearby - you just have to find them.

Paint without people

Well, maybe that was a bit of an understatement about summer, sun and so on. In fact, I'm still a long way from making the final booking click - but a bit of daydreaming has not hurt anyone, as you know. Because for a few years now, the Balearic island has been pulling me under its spell - and that without any ballerina and pop song. Rather, I liked to spend the warm summer months here with a small group of friends in remote houses, somewhere in the interior of the island.

This year, however, I would like to take the opportunity to take a completely new experience with me and spend a few nights in an exclusive hotel that has actually enchanted me a little by its beauty: The Hospes Hotel & Spa Maricel Mallorca. According to its own statement, the “most emblematic hotel on the island” has enjoyed a privileged location directly by the sea and a coastal environment with a special combination of stately architecture inspired by the sober styles of the 16th and 17th centuries since the 1950s.

As - admittedly - a real newcomer to the hotel, I will probably spend some time exploring the many possibilities of a luxury hotel: Instead of visiting local traders in the morning, I am already looking forward to an exuberant brunch in the Mallorcan morning sun.

Instead of hours of hiking to secluded beaches in the blazing midday sun, I look forward to cool water right outside the hotel exit - and of course one or the other side effect, such as the hotel's luxurious spa facilities. In addition: The hotel can also be booked with extensive advantages through reisetopia Hotels. Among other things, a daily free breakfast for two people, an upgrade to the next room category and a welcome gift await me - who could turn down that?

The new life on the island

But because last year we learned to be particularly flexible when it comes to travel planning, I of course have a third option in my luggage for the upcoming summer - and has actually been for a while. In addition to my role as an author here at reisetopia, I am a full-time student - and planned to spend a few semesters in the UK before the pandemic started.

Like so many of you, the global outbreak of the Covid pandemic last spring made a huge blow to my plans - so that more than a year later I am still dreaming of the British Isles from my desk in Berlin. So enough time to fully plan my adventure, which has been postponed several times.

In addition to my study-related stay in the European metropolis of London, I am of course planning some extensive domestic trips through the United Kingdom - inspired, among others, by my dear colleague Amélie and her experiences in southern England. The cute coastal town of Brighton has been on my list for years, and I would love to see it just because of the infamous promenade.

And who knows - maybe after my stay on the Balearic island paradise I'll still be a real hotel sleeper. I am always prepared, because the pulsating metropolis of London offers a number of very extraordinary hotels that I would like to experience - in our portfolio of reisetopia Hotels. I am also looking forward to your very exclusive tips and experiences from the British capital - in return I will of course - hopefully all too soon - report on my own!

Conclusion on my travel plans this summer

A visit to the Bavarian mountains, malls completely without people and a completely new life on a (not at all lonely) island - my travel plans for this summer are more varied, flexible and unpredictable than ever before. And yet I'm looking forward to a summer that will simply surprise me - because which of my plans really work will probably come up very quickly. Of course I'll take you with me on every step of my travels - and report (hopefully soon) about my experiences this summer - wherever that will be!