Why did Dr. Ambedkar with Gandhiji

Gandhi and Ambedkar: The "Saint of the Status Quo" and the Dalit Professor

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  • Timothy Schlegel
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These are the theses of the program "ttt - titel, thesen, temperamente", which was broadcast on December 15, 2014 on ARD. Under the title “End of a Myth?” “The other face of the global idol for nonviolent resistance” was shown. The theses on which the ARD referred come from Arundhati Roy, 2 who in her essay "The Doctor and the Saint" deals critically with the thought, life and work of Gandhi. Your criticism is in stark contrast to the widespread ideas of the person, the effect and the thinking of Gandhi. Her essay appeared as a foreword to “Annihilation of Caste”, 3 written by the social reformer, politician and later Minister of Justice B. R Ambedkar. The second edition of the book, which forms the basis for the version published in 2014, was published in 1937.

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