Medical school is stressful

Of baptisms by fire and young kings

Although in the hospitals you will often see how stressful the medical profession can be in the practice ...

That's true. It is particularly problematic when students come into contact with colleagues on the ward who tend to have unhealthy mechanisms for dealing with stress and, for example, still come to work even with a bad cold. That is a huge deterrent for many. With our elective "Health and Wellbeing for Medical Students and Doctors", we therefore try to prepare the next generation during their studies for how they can deal more constructively with the stresses and strains of everyday medical practice.

What role do rituals actually play in the course of study, for example do they promote community experiences among students?

Rituals provide structure, which is why they help you cope better with stress. For example, we always have festive events together in an old town church, which is well received. Active mentor groups also prove themselves, because the students experience that they are not alone with many of their questions and that one can help one another. They prefer to organize many community activities themselves anyway, for example the city rally for freshmen. Sometimes things get pretty wild when it comes to alcohol - but as long as it doesn't lead to problematic drinking habits in the long term, that's part of it.

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