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Topic: career orientation

Choosing the right job

Which job suits me? You should take enough time to answer this question, because the more purposefully you can find a (new) employer. At first glance, the answer seems easy. If you think about it more carefully, you will notice that you are much more likely to know what you do not want than to be able to positively formulate what you specifically want. What would your ideal job look like? What would you most like to do? What is important to you in your dream job? Who, how and what suits you best?

When considering which job is right for you, consider the following aspects:

Work assignments

  • What subjects or content are you interested in? Would you like to work superficially with data, numbers and facts or do you have more to do with technical devices, ideas and concepts or do you prefer direct contact and contact with people?

work environment

  • Where do you want to work? In a metropolis or in a small town, in the country, in the north or south or maybe even abroad?
  • How do you want to work? Would you like to be permanently at a fixed location or on the move a lot? Do you prefer to work in the office or a lot in the fresh air?
  • Who do you want to work with? Do you prefer to work in a permanent team or constantly with new people? Do you enjoy working with children, adults or the elderly? Do you want to be a boss or would you rather be a boss yourself? Do you prefer colleagues to colleagues? Do you have any cultural, social or religious orientations?


  • In which industry do you want to work? Trade, industry, banking or insurance. For the state or in the ecclesiastical environment? In the service, media, or manufacturing industry?
  • Where do you want to work? Do you feel more comfortable in a large corporation, medium-sized company or in a small family business?
  • Which corporate culture appeals to you: personal framework, strict or flat hierarchies, formal or casual?

Work goals

  • What work goals do you want to pursue? What do you want to achieve? What position are you aiming for? What importance do you want to achieve?

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What is your dream job like?

What is important to you?

The question of your goals is closely related to what you expect from a dream job. The following criteria will help you which conditions are absolutely important to you in a job and what you could do without. Step by step, you develop a first profile of yourself and the right future job - this is a helpful guide for your specific job search and thus for your company selection. Various aspects are important for long-term satisfaction. You can use the list to identify your individual requirement profile for your dream job.

  • freedom of choice - Who should decide on your tasks and their implementation?

  • Freedom from stress - How strong can / should the pressure to perform?

  • variety - How important is a varied job to you?

  • Personal responsibility - Should the work processes be specified or should it be possible to design them yourself?

  • Open time-management - Do you want to decide your own rhythm or do you need rigid working hours?

  • place - How important is the location to you, should it be your favorite city?

  • Friendly working atmosphere - Do you value a good, comprehensive relationship with your colleagues?

  • tempo - Should it be relaxed and with fixed processes or do you need a fast, changing pace?

  • Public Reputation - Are you striving for a significant, image-rich position?

  • creativity - Do you want to be constantly dealing with new things? Are you fascinated by permanent innovations, changes or new ideas?

  • Merit - How important is your income to you, how much money do you want to earn?

  • Renowned companies - How important is the level of awareness of the company?

  • Promotion opportunities - What are the chances of being able to advance quickly?

  • Challenges - Do you always want to be confronted with new problems and repeatedly reach your own limits?

  • routine - Do you prefer tasks that can be done according to proven rules?

  • Teamwork - Are you really suitable for group work or do you bring the best results on your own?

  • recognition - How much do you need the praise and recognition of others or measurable successes?

  • Physical challenges (also achieving something physically) - Do you like to go to bed exhausted after doing physical work during the day?

  • Learn - Is it important to you to keep learning new things?

  • security - Do you need the feeling that your employer will still need you twenty years from now?

  • Contacts with other people - Do you find dealing with people more important than sitting at the computer all day?

  • Bear personal responsibility - Do you like to take responsibility, also for the performance of (others) your employees?

  • risk - How strong is your security mindset? Do you like to take risks?