How was Jose Mourinhos making a career

Tottenham coach José Mourinho transformed: charm offensive with question marks

Since arriving at Tottenham Hotspur, coach José Mourinho has been unusually humble and self-reflective. The success proves "The Special One" with four wins from five competitive games right. But there are initial doubts as to how real Mourinho's change really is.

No matter where the relationship between José Mourinho and Tottenham Hotspur leads, 15-year-old Callum Hynes will always have these special memories of the coach from Portugal. In the Champions League game against Olympiacos two weeks ago, the ball boy initiated the 2-2 through Harry Kane with his speed of action and thus played his part in the fact that the North Londoners won 4-2 and had already played before the final group game Wednesday at Bayern as well as Munich secured the round of 16.

Mourinho then publicly declared the ball boy a hero and invited him to lunch with the team before the following game in the Premier League against Bournemouth (3-2). The coach produced a story that warms the heart - and does not at all fit the image of the arrogant and self-centered misanthropist that Mourinho has had in England since leaving Manchester United a year ago.

"The Special One" - This is the coaching career of José Mourinho in pictures

José Mourinho's first position as assistant coach in the professional area was the Portuguese club CF Estrela Amadora. After a year on the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula, the AD Ovarense joined the first well-known clubs. From Sporting Lisbon to FC Porto, "The Special One" then moved to the first size outside of Portugal - and what a great one! At the side of the Englishman Sir Bobby Robson and later Louis van Gaal, he managed the fortunes of the great FC Barcelona. And with success: in the period from 1996 to 2000, the Catalans won the Copa del Rey twice, the championship twice and even the European Cup Winners' Cup. ©

Mourinho praises the circumstances and talks about working with young professionals

The 56-year-old coach has been on multiple missions since he took office at Tottenham three weeks ago. He should bring the troubled club qualification for the Champions League this season and bring him titles and trophies in the medium term. At the same time, he wants to restore his own reputation. To this end, Mourinho goes on a charm offensive that English football has seldom seen.

He praises his players, even there is talk of love, praises his predecessor Mauricio Pochettino, the referees and even the comfort of the club's own sleeping quarters (“huge pillows, expensive duvets - so good”). It is particularly noticeable with what passion he talks about working with young professionals. So far, the Portuguese has been considered a coach who consistently ignores the youngsters and prefers to rely on loyal veterans.

The press doubts Mourinho's change: Even at previous stations, it started in a good mood

The new Mourinho is relaxed, self-critical and modest, but the suspicion arises that his transformation is a huge PR campaign on his own behalf. Tottenham's fans are suspicious of the newcomer with a past at city rivals Chelsea FC, and the English press has given their current studies of the Portuguese with the caveat that he is also started in a good mood at previous stations before it ended up leaving atmospheric debris fields. Whether he has really changed remains to be seen when the notoriously frugal club boss Daniel Levy denies him a transfer request for the first time.

The new Mourinho can do just that the megalomaniac version not hide himself. When he was approached on his debut about Tottenham's defeat in the Champions League final against Liverpool in the spring, he replied that he couldn't understand the situation - after all, he had won both of his premier class finals, in 2004 with Porto against Monaco, 2010 with Inter Milan against FC Bayern.

Good results against Mourinho right

Basically, Mourinho's charm attack consistently follows his logic that he does everything for quick success. The The results so far prove him right. In five games under his direction, the Spurs took four wins. Compared to Pochettino, the new trainer has only made minor changes. In addition to the previously seeded Harry Kane and Heung-min Son, Mourinho expressed confidence in Dele Alli and Lucas Moura on the offensive. They are the biggest winners of the coaching change.

Above all, Alli's flourishing suggests that Mourinho still has a certain amount of Magic in leading people disposes. Immediately after taking office, he asked the stagnant super talent whether he was Dele Alli or his brother. "Then play like Dele too," Mourinho appealed. With the demotion of Christian Eriksen who was willing to switch to a substitute player, the coach also demonstrated his power early on.

These Germans play in the Premier League

Leroy Sané, Moritz Leitner and Mesut Özil belong to the German Premier League contingent. But which of your compatriots are still on the ball in England's House of Lords? ©

Tottenham under Mourinho amazingly entertaining

Mourinho's Tottenham performances are amazingly entertaining, with lots of gates at both ends of the lawn. The Spurs stayed in the 5-0 win over Burnley at the weekend, including a sensational solo goal by Son for the first time under the coach known as a defensive fanatic without conceding a goal. It was the ideal preparation for the trip to FC Bayern, against whom it was known to score a 2: 7 in the first leg. Because both teams are already in the round of 16, Mourinho will have a strongly rejuvenated team in Munich. The 15-year-old ball boy Callum Hynes is not there.