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Free credit card test: the best providers in comparison

A free credit card from direct banks, such as DKB or Comdirect, is not only a very sensible purchase for at home, but also for stays abroad worldwide. Even if money can be withdrawn almost everywhere with an ordinary EC or credit card, you usually pay a disproportionately high debit fee abroad or at other banks' ATMs (approx . In addition, the offers of well-known direct banks also represent a great enrichment for financial activities at home, as they are completely free of charge, have uncomplicated administration and you can withdraw money free of charge at ATMs worldwide.


Withdraw money for free anywhere

Whether when buying a car, shopping, ordering online or booking accommodation, it is always sensible and extremely practical to have a credit card - of course, this also applies when traveling. It is also much safer than cash, which can be lost or stolen. In addition, if the worst comes to the worst (e.g. hospitalization), it represents financial security that can be of great benefit. The Visa card, for example, is accepted almost everywhere in the world and replaces cash with flying colors. There are now over 25 million “Visa-Card-friendly” ATMs with which you shouldn't have any problems accessing your money.

Due to the fact that direct banks do not have to have branches and focus on online banking, they can offer free credit cards at the best conditions. This is certainly one of the reasons why these have grown in popularity over the past few years and the direct banks have already recorded several million satisfied customers to date. Even the often unpopular telephone service of large companies usually works smoothly here, as the direct banks are available 24 hours a day and conscientiously handle all their customer calls. In our experience, the employees are friendly, reliable and competent, so that you usually don't really miss the service at the counter. The corresponding online banking also works without any problems.


Advantages of direct banks

  • No account management fees (free Visa and EC / Maestro card)
  • Withdraw money worldwide free of charge with the Visa card
  • Pay with EC card free of charge anywhere in Europe
  • Withdraw money free of charge with an EC card from all partner banks
  • No hidden fees (payment by Visa card: 1.5%)
  • Higher interest rates than ordinary banks (overnight money)
  • Top customer service 24 hours a day
  • Practical online banking
  • Great flexibility - especially when traveling
  • Big savings on multiple withdrawals abroad

Test winner in comparison: The best free credit cards

After careful research and a comparison of various free credit cards, in our opinion two candidates clearly stood out from the competition. Several factors were taken into account in the test assessment. These include, for example, the trustworthiness of the main bank behind the direct bank, the general user-friendliness, the customer service, the reliability of the service, other user reviews & experience, the advertised rewards, interest, the online banking offered and the remaining scope of services. The two following direct banks are not only our favorite, but have also received top marks in numerous other independent reviews from well-known consumer organizations and test portals.


DKB & Comdirect

Two of the best-known and best-rated direct banks are undoubtedly the DKB (Deutsche Kreditbank AG) and the Comdirect. Both providers provide free Visa cards with a comparatively high interest rate and entitle the owner to withdraw money worldwide free of charge. DKB is a subsidiary of BayernLB, while Comdirect is part of Commerzbank.

To open an account at the DKB or Comdirect, you only need a few minutes and internet access. The application for a free credit card is filled out online, printed out, sent to the post office (a postal worker must sign a form to establish identification) and sent from there directly to the bank. Now it takes about a week before you have your new credit card, including PIN and TAN list, in your hands.

Note: The DKB has stopped the reimbursement of third-party fees when withdrawing from foreign ATMs. However, it should be mentioned that only a few ATMs charge an additional fee (e.g. Thailand & USA). In addition, the applicable fee is displayed at the ATM before the withdrawal, so there shouldn't be any unexpected surprise. Otherwise, all withdrawals abroad are still free of charge.


Your advantages with Comdirect

  • 100 euros bonus for satisfaction, 150 euros for dissatisfaction
  • Free account management (no minimum incoming funds!)
  • Free giro & Visa card
  • Withdraw cash free of charge with a giro card in Germany (ATMs of the Cash Group) & within the EU
  • Withdraw cash free of charge with Visa cards worldwide from machines with the Visa symbol (outside the EU)
  • Clear online banking
  • Very good customer service around the clock
  • Cash can be deposited and withdrawn at Commerzbank branches
  • Account can be opened quickly and easily online

Note: In order to be able to open a Comdirect account, you have to deactivate your ad blocker briefly, otherwise the forwarding will not work.


Your advantages at the DKB

  • Lots of bonuses & cashback through DKB-Club
  • Free account management
  • Free giro & Visa card
  • Withdraw cash worldwide free of charge with a Visa card
  • Withdraw cash with a giro card (third-party bank fee applies)
  • Clear online banking
  • Very good customer service around the clock
  • Cash can be deposited at certain DKB machines
  • For people residing in Germany & Austria
  • Account can be opened quickly and easily online

Important instructions

If an account with overdraft facility is to be opened, proof of a regular minimum income is usually required in order to be able to overdraw the credit card accordingly. If you cannot show any income, it is still possible to get a credit card! However, this cannot be overdrawn (debit card). This means that even schoolchildren and students without an income have the opportunity to apply for a free credit card and take advantage of its benefits.


Conclusion: The right bank for travel in Australia, Europe & worldwide

So if you need a free credit card for everyday life at home as well as for an upcoming trip to Australia, Europe or other countries around the world, you are in good hands with the DKB or the Comdirect. As the decisive factor for the decision as to which provider is the right one, the individual interests play the most important role. After a thorough comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of both direct banks, it should quickly become clear who is the personal favorite. One thing is clear, however: Nowadays you have a great option to manage your money extremely flexibly and to withdraw money at any time from ATMs worldwide free of charge - and all for free!


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