Is Asana dog food still

Dog food affected by memory: The well-known product carries risks

NRW - Pet owners At the moment you have to look at something Food They feed their loved ones. Because a well-known pet food brand now has one WARNING! published food on four-legged friends.

CompaniesMars recorded
ownerThe Mars family
FOUNDERFrank C. Mars
Foundation, endowmentJune 23, 1911, Tacoma, Washington, United States
headquartersMcLean, Virginia, United States

Callback food dog: Dog owners should pay particular attention to pet food

Based on a memory of dog food from Fressnapf Dog owners now look carefully again. Companies MarchAnimal care There is also a Thursday evening (December 21st) recall e Dog Food released. This is one product of the brand origin.

Dog owners should definitely check what products they have already purchased and have in stock. Otherwise side effects may occur health of dogs give

Large dog owners can take a deep breath at first. Because that productthat is affected by the payout is actually targeting the smaller specifics.

Reminder of dog food by origin: Consumption can have health consequences for dogs

In which recall is “a voluntarily chosen group origindry animal feed"For what dogs should weigh less than ten kilograms (reminds and warns on

In particular, it is about the “Adult” variety, which contains beef and weighs 1.4 kilograms. "The longest consumption“Variety can go with Pets “”illness"Root cause.

The company declares in a message that it is voluntary recall Acts of the Apostles. illness can be caused “due to an excessive level of vitamin D”. In addition, the article does not meet the “high quality and safety standards” of MarchAnimal care.

Before Dog Food Remind Her: Which Product Does Origin Affect?

Who has to do with it product e origin has already bought it, but shouldn't panic immediately - as with a dog food that was remembered a few days ago, only a special variant should be touched here. MarchAnimal care makes those affected Dog Food the following information:

Origin of dry food for small dogs (

  • EAN pocket code: 5900951254727
  • Best before date (best before date): 12. 11. 2021

In the video: Warning of dog food - Salmonella detected

Breed Food Warning: What Affected Owners Can Do Now

Owner, details in packaging think that should definitely not be passed on dogs But eat instead Customer service at 04321 943250 (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.). Otherwise be MarchAnimal care also available online at

Pet owners in those Dog Food e origin If there are different data, the manufacturer can safely feed the product, as it is assumed that it is an isolated case. Other products are not affected. For health effects in People The manufacturer does not provide any information when feeding the affected item.

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