What is Buddhist Meditation 1

Buddhist meditation for up to 3 people

    Relaxed like a Buddha ...

    Say goodbye to the hustle and bustle and everyday stresses and strains. Because while you get a glimpse into the art of Buddhist meditation, you forget about everything else around you. In the open air, you'll get an introduction to Japanese tradition and come a huge step closer to the art of mental development. You will receive a skilful introduction to breathing and mindfulness meditation. Learn to relieve discomfort through relaxation and pay more attention to your living environment.

    Make relaxation and inner peace your strongest weapons in everyday life.


    • Learning Buddhist meditation outdoors
    • Introduction to the Japanese tradition
    • Light physical exercises
    • Introduction to breathing meditation
    • Introduction to mindfulness meditation
    • Graduation ceremony and instructions for home practice

    Availability / dates

    All year round
    New dates will follow.
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      If it rains, an alternative date will be agreed.

      Equipment & clothing

      • Loose and comfortable clothing
      • If you would like recordings of the meditation, please bring a USB stick with you


      • The Buddhist meditation takes place either alone or, if desired, with up to two acquaintances
      • The voucher is valid for up to 3 people

      What can I expect from the “Buddhist meditation for up to 3 people” experience?

      With the experience "Buddhist meditation for up to 3 people" you will learn the art of meditation together with up to three friends. In the open air, the meditation leader shows you how to find relaxation and inner peace and how to pay more attention to your surroundings.

      What content is included in the experience voucher for Buddhist meditation?

      In the course of the meditation experience, you will receive an introduction to the Japanese tradition of meditation, perform light physical exercises and be introduced to breathing meditation and mindfulness meditation. You will also have a traditional graduation ceremony and receive instructions on how to use meditation techniques at home.

      How long does Buddhist meditation last? How long does Buddhist meditation last?

      Plan a total of 1.5 hours for the various meditation exercises.

      Do I have to bring something to Buddhist meditation?

      It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing to facilitate meditation and relaxation.

      What if the weather is too bad to meditate outdoors?

      If it rains, the “Buddhist meditation for up to 3 people” experience will be postponed to another date.

      Can I do the “Buddhist meditation for up to 3 people” experience without being accompanied?

      The company with whom you can meditate together is optional. Buddhist meditation can also take place alone.

      Is it possible to record the Buddhist meditation on a data carrier?

      If you would like a recording of the Buddhist meditation, please bring a USB stick with you to the experience.