Prevents sunscreen from tanning

Do you get tanned even with sunscreen?

Do you get tanned even with sunscreen? Yes! However, there is a persistent rumor that you won't get tanned with sunscreen, especially if it has a high sun protection factor. But the rumor is wrong. Not applying lotion can have fatal consequences.

Sun protection isn't just that healthier for our skin, but alsomore sustainable. Because theSkin retains its tan longer.

Sun protection protects the skin

Everyone has the same numberpigment-forming skin cells. The tan depends solely on the “diligence” of this person Melanocytes from. The more of the brown pigment melanin there is in the skin, the better the skin is protected. ASun cream with UVB / UVA filter absorbs, scatters or reflects UV radiation. This protects the skin because the dose is lower and the melanocytes have more time to develop their own skin protection. In addition, the skin doesn't dry out that quickly, and the The tan stays longer.

Apply sufficient sunscreen

Self very dark, sun-insensitive, pre-tanned people can only get one three quarters of an hour expose to the sun safely. At all other skin types the self-protection time is even only five minutes to a maximum of half an hour. With a suncream Let us extend the time that we can safely stay in the sun. But sun protection factor 10 is far too little for an afternoon of bathing. It is also known from studies that far too little sun protection is applied. As a rule of thumb: three tablespoons of sunscreen for an adult.

The number of skin cancer cases is increasing

According to study of the Integral Market and Opinion Research Institute from June 2019 every fifth Austrian does not have sun protection. Most of the reasons given are To forget (45 percent of the unprotected) and that Failing of sunburn (37 percent). 35 percent of those who say they don't protect themselves from direct sunlight think so too expensiveto apply lotion. You forget: Inadequate sun protection on the other hand increases the riskof skin diseases and Skin cancer exponentially. Round 1,800 people suffer from skin cancer every year in Austria, according to Krebshilfe. And according to experts, the number of unreported cases is a lot higher, as many of those affected do not regularly go to the dermatologist for preventive care. Too much sun, insufficient sun protection and sunburn are the main reasons. According to the Integral study, one in three (29 percent) is afraid of developing skin cancer. Women (32 percent) are more likely to be affected by this concern than men (26 percent). The majority (71 percent) feel they are adequately informed about the risk of skin cancer from excessive exposure to the sun.

Most popular sun protection: sunscreen with a high SPF or shade

When asked which sunscreen is used, 83 percent of those who protect themselves from the sun say they use sunscreen. This is in the form of the classic cream or milk are clearly the most popular. This is followed by sun cream in the form of spays, only a minority use an oil. More than every second sun cream user (54 percent) use a high sun protection factor (SPF) between 30 and 50. A quarter use a medium (15-20) and 14 percent use a very high one (50+). Staying in the shade is almost as important as sunscreen (78 percent).

Our cosmetic tip: There are also sun protection products that aim precisely at that natural tanning process of the skin stimulatedbecomes. A plant extract, for example, activates the skin's own melanin production. Sprays in particular are absorbed in seconds and offer immediate protection at the push of a button.