What's wrong with James Franco

For the time being, Seth Rogen no longer works with James Franco

Just three years ago, Seth Rogen announced that he would continue to work with the actor despite allegations against James Franco. Now he has apparently changed his mind.

For years they were only conceivable in pairs: Seth Rogen and James Franco, who together made films like "The Disaster Artist", "Sausage Party" and "Das ist das Ende" and with "The Interview" even the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un enraged. Since several women have accused Franco of having sexually molested them, the relationship between the former best friends has apparently cooled. In an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine, Rogen said that he currently has no plans to work with Franco again.

Just three years ago, Rogen said in an interview that he wanted to continue making films with Franco despite the allegations. "I look back on the 2018 interview where I said that I would continue to work with James, and the truth is, I haven't done that and I don't currently plan to," Rogen said in Sunday Times Magzine ". When asked about the status of their friendship, Rogen said: "I don't know if I can define that now during this interview." "Many things have changed in our relationship and our dynamics".

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After Franco received a Golden Globe for his film "The Disaster Artist" in 2018, five women publicly accused the actor and director of having behaved sexually inappropriately towards them. One of the women, who had studied at Franco's now closed drama school, said among other things that she and other women had to dance topless in front of Franco and wear animal skulls on their heads. In addition, Franco had simulated oral sex with her without using the usual genital protection.

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