Why is Superman stronger than other Kryptonians

Is Superman really awesome compared to other Kryptonians?

Yes, Superman was really great even compared to other Kryptonians.(At least it was until the DCnU New 52 changed the DC Universe again.) Under the original premise of being the last son of Krypton, Kal-El / Superman gained his powers from the slow and long-term exposure of his body to our radiation yellow sun.This made him a force to be reckoned with compared to other Kryptonians as he is much stronger, more durable, more experienced and more controlled in handling his many powers.

Superman and the sun rays

Yes, according to writers who wanted to strengthen Superman's powers in the early 1950s, he gained extraordinary abilities after being exposed to Earth's yellow sun. The early Superman was only able to jump a quarter mile and run faster than a freight train. These modest accomplishments would still make him astonishing by the standards of the early 1940-1950s. Check out these clips from Secret Origins # 1.

The early Superman is heroic, jumping over tall buildings and chasing cars on foot.

  • No, there is currently nothing in science that can explain this. So don't think too deeply about the authors who have grasped Superman's powers beyond those stemming from Earth's diminished gravity.
  • They knew next to nothing about stars, solar energy, radiation or the properties of stars.
  • They did not realize how little difference there is between a red and a yellow sun besides the color, energy output and lifespan of the star.

  • This exposure to a yellow sun would activate a process by which his kryptonic cells would become overcharged and, along with Earth's decreased gravity, would enable him to perform a variety of amazing superhuman abilities, making him one of the most physically powerful beings on the planet.

  • That said, over the years there have been many reboots and changes to the premise of how quickly Kal-El would gain his powers (one continuity allowed him to gain his powers as a kid and have a whole career as a superboy as a superboy) that became later reconnected from existence. In most stories, Superman gains his powers as an adult after years of exposure to the sun.

  • However, this does not explain the rapid rate at which most Kryptonians appear to gain their powers when exposed to Earth's yellow sun. In the new Krypton stories, the Kryptonians have super powers too, and this wasn't after decades of exposure.

What makes Superman so great?

What Superman does great was characterized by the reluctance he has in using his powers. Even when Kryptonians had powers from the sun, it was often considered to be stronger due to the exposure it had compared to theirs. The current DCnU seems to be working towards the idea that Kryptonians need time to gain powers under the yellow sun. Supergirl's spaceship had a device that could charge her cells with yellow solar radiation.

  • In previous continuities it was believed that Superman had a store of internalized energy that had built up over the decades, making him stronger, tougher, and more enduring than a Kryptonian who felt invigorated by the sun but not by longevity, the Superman would have been constantly exposed to the electrifying radiation.

  • His other advantage that writers played was his experience of using his superpowers. This may not be so obvious when the DCnU restarted, but in previous continuities his experience as Superman, the use of his powers, and the weak points he had to overcome gave him a distinct advantage in fighting other Kryptonians.

  • Imagine discovering the ability to hear over the entire listening area and not practicing recognizing which sounds are important, how to distinguish sound levels, and in which areas you want to hear sounds.

Supergirl is overwhelmed by her new super senses.Supergirl # 2

  • Now add that visual acuity across the electromagnetic spectrum, telescopic, microscopic visions, energy projection from your eyes, a sense of smell that is ten thousand times better than that of a human, and all of this happens at the same time and is a million times more powerful than any of this would be lead to a confusing time in which you've learned to adjust. Did I mention flying?

  • In the previous DCU, all Kryptonians under a yellow sun have enormous superhuman strength, speed and endurance, invulnerability; Flight; great breath; X-ray vision; telescopic and microscopic vision; Freeze breath; Thermal image; and hear great. When properly trained, they can use these skills with some degree of effectiveness.

Why does Supergirl appear more powerful than Superman in the DCnU?

If past continuities are a measure, the longer the Kryptonians stay under a yellow sun, the more powerful. Therefore, both Superman and Supergirl, provided they do not use up their internal energy stores (see Doomsday versus Superman in the death of Superman), slowly get stronger over time.

  • Supergirl has shown herself to be more physically capable in conflicts with Superman. Superman claims he spent his time as a superman learning how to limit his powers in order to cause as little collateral damage as possible.

Practicing restraint often means that Superman faces significant abuse.

  • Where Supergirl, new to the fragility of the earth environment, has not yet learned how to control the damage she causes when she uses her powers in her highest settings.

  • If this does not change, she is most certain to kill someone, most likely as an unintended result of using her powers without a degree of discretion.


One of my biggest complaints about Smallville was that every other Kryptonian except Clark had full access to and control of his powers, sometimes after minutes on Earth. : \ So much for "no flights / no tights".

Thaddeus Howze ♦

Smallville was conceived as a soap opera in which we would never really see the hero as we knew him. We would only see him during his trip. This meant he could NEVER fly as this was the hallmark of Superman, his flying power. It was also one of my favorite complaints on the show.


I had no problem with Clark not flying. I agree that it probably improved the show a lot to save that for the end. I just hated him being the to be the only one seemed unable to fly which completely ruined the impact when it finally did.


One of the best depictions of Superman's reluctance, or lack of, was the Justice League Unlimited series finale. Supes goes from head to toe with a Braniac-enabled Darkseid in the middle of an evacuated metropolis. Clark gives this great speech about the feeling of living in a world of tissue paper most of the time, but that he can finally tear himself away because he has found something to use his full power ... a super charged God.


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