How deep can a swimming pool be

Bathing is a lot of fun while standing. At least that's true for most of them children. Because while standing, even the youngest can throw balls or spray with a water pistol without having to stay afloat. Many many Adults on the other hand, they want deeper water to be able to swim better and not to freeze on the upper body. So what is the optimal water depth?

Height plus 30 centimeters

For young non-swimmers, the water should ideally only up to the chest pass. It should be noted that under unfavorable circumstances small children can even drown in very shallow water (in which they could basically stand). Supervision by adults is therefore necessary despite the shallow water.

The rule of thumb is to add at least 30 centimeters to your height. In this way, your mouth and nose stay above the surface of the water without any great effort and great bathing fun is guaranteed. Taking into account the average height of children, a paddling pool with a water depth of no more than 60 centimeters is advisable for three-year-olds. Six-year-old schoolchildren feel particularly comfortable up to a depth of 85 centimeters, while from the age of eight, around one meter is ideal.

Water depth at the hotel pool - own photo

Pool and swimming pool depth

If you want to buy a pool yourself, you often have the choice between 120 and 150 centimeters deep. However, if the pool has a surface vacuum cleaner (skimmer) to keep the water clean, a few centimeters of the maximum possible fill level are lost. Parents of younger school children should therefore definitely take the 120 centimeter version - and can hope to be able to use the pool with the whole family for a few more years.

Adults usually feel much more comfortable in a pool with a depth of 150 centimeters.

In public swimming pools, the pools often have variable water depths in order to meet the needs of as many visitors as possible. Designated non-swimmer pools should be no more than 135 centimeters deep. In the case of greater water depths, however, swimming skills are required. Here the adults can swim their laps - and don't have to fear a collision with the bottom of the swimming pool.

Rubric: Learning to swim + safety