You can merge two conversations in Gmail

View email conversations in Mail on Mac

By default, Mail groups emails that belong to the same "conversation" (or Thread) instead of listing each answer separately. Conversations make a thread easier to follow and help keep your inbox clear.

Tip: Turning conversations on and off is easy. Choose View> Sort By Conversation (a check mark indicates the option is turned on).

Open mail

View all emails in a conversation

In the "Mail" app on your Mac, do one of the following:

  • For a conversation: Click on the email number in the top email.

  • For all conversations: Choose View> Expand All Conversations.

    If you no longer want to see all of your email, choose View> Collapse All Conversations.

Read conversation

In the "Mail" app on your Mac, do one of the following in a conversation in the Preview Area:

  • Navigate emails in a conversation: Press the Option-Up Arrow or Option-Down Arrow key combination.

  • Show more content of an email: If your original email doesn't appear in full in a reply, click the "See More" link at the bottom of the reply.

  • Change the order of the emails in the preview area: Choose Mail> Preferences, click View, and then enable or disable the option to show the latest email at top.

Exclude email from a conversation

By default, a conversation contains related emails that are in other mailboxes. You can exclude these emails from conversation.

In the "Mail" app on your Mac, do one of the following:

  • Always exclude related emails: Choose Mail> Preferences, click View, and deselect the Include Related Emails box.

  • To impose related emails until mail is finished: Choose View> Hide Related Emails.

When you delete a conversation, related emails that are in other mailboxes are not deleted.

You can highlight conversations so that you can see them more easily in the message list. Choose View> Highlight Conversations.

When conversations are disabled and you select one email in the thread, the other emails will be highlighted. So you can easily see which emails belong to the thread. To change the highlight color or turn it off, choose Mail> Preferences, click Appearance, then set the highlighting options. To group highlighted emails in the preview area, choose View> Show Related Emails.