What are 5G business opportunities

Commercial application scenarios for 5G cellular technology

The 5G Lab Germany of the Technical University of Dresden and Accenture will work together in the future on the development of commercial application scenarios for the new 5G generation of mobile communications. Both organizations want to contribute to the faster spread of the technology and open up new business opportunities for companies.



As with previous generations of mobile communications, the introduction of the 5G standard primarily serves to achieve higher transmission speeds and shorter delay times in the network. With the technology that is expected to be commercially available from 2020 onwards, cell phone providers will in future be able to provide their customers with an even better user experience.

5G is a heterogeneous ‘end-to-end’ network environment that is designed to support a large number of end devices. Its architecture is based on a hybrid hardware and software infrastructure and uses technical approaches such as Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) as the basis for intelligent and automated processes. The architecture also includes cellular as well as fixed network infrastructure; various end devices such as smartphones, wearables or machines as well as various network and control functions.

The 5G Lab Germany at the TU Dresden is an interdisciplinary team with more than 600 scientists from 22 research areas of the university. The aim is to deliver key technologies for the development of the 5G cellular standard. Research takes place in four different areas: Hardware and Silicon, Wireless, Networks and Cloud, and Tactile Internet Applications.

This holistic view of 5G technology is the thematic focus of the lab, which will help ensure the performance of 5G mobile networks in view of the immense requirements for connectivity in the network of the future. In particular, developments in Industry 4.0, modern transport systems, smart grids, in the healthcare sector and in a large number of other sectors from agriculture to the construction sector play a driving role. In the collaboration with the 5G Lab Germany, Accenture will concentrate primarily on the development of tactile Internet applications.

“5G technology will change our everyday life much more than its predecessors and offers great opportunities for the business world. Providing the technology components and services required for this, however, also means numerous challenges and changes, ”said Gianluca Noya, Managing Director responsible for networks in the Communications, Media & Technology division at Accenture. “This also includes completely redefining the previous understanding of ecosystems and the corresponding monetization strategies, because in the future the services will be provided by providers from many different industries. In addition to telecommunications and media companies, this also includes providers from the automotive and healthcare sectors. With our participation, we want to shorten the path from innovative ideas to profitable services in a cross-industry ecosystem. "

Dr. Gerhard Fettweis, professor at the TU Dresden and coordinator of the 5G Lab Germany, said: “Building an understanding of how 5G networks are best operated is clearly a challenge that should be taken on at an early stage. We look forward to expanding our knowledge based on the practical examples and experience of Accenture in 4G networks and to using it for the preparations for 5G. "