What are the shortcomings of LEGO

Hello everybody,

I am new here and looking for advice from Lego experts about the Brick-Fans-Rhein-Main homepage (which I knew from visiting exhibitions) came across this page.

I hope it will not be considered outrageous if I describe my problem here, so to speak as a debut, and ask for the advice of the Lego experts in the community.

I will ask my questions in advance:

1. Is there a defect when Lego sets are glued together?

2. Is there such a thing as official Lego experts who can examine a Lego collection and quantify the value or the depreciation caused by sticking it together?

In my opinion, having Lego glued together is a serious flaw that should have been pointed out in the description.
For a better understanding, here is a more detailed description of my problem:

I bought Lego on Ebay, here is the link for Lego collection over 30 kg over 100 construction plans

In my opinion, a serious offer with a few nice sets. That's why I bid relatively high.
In terms of the kilo price, I would certainly not have gone that high, but the Star Wars sets and others had done it to me and my son, and since it's Christmas and it was otherwise quite modest, I bought it at auction.

When checking the goods, it turned out that all the sets in the photos (except for the 5 Lego technology sets, are glued together. Indeed, in such a way that the moving parts can also be moved, e.g. the wings of the X-Wing or the The Millennium Falcon folds, but it is still impossible to separate the parts without the use of massive force. Also sets have broken (at the glued points, the stones are in and of themselves whole), but can no longer be put together because the glue does The sets are neither nicely glued nor complete, so that they could not be seen as "exhibition items" for collectors, because they are too dusty and not really rare for that.

There are also loose stones, but they also show many traces of glue so that they cannot be used for building.

Under these circumstances I wanted to withdraw from the purchase and applied for a refund via ebay (within the scope of buyer protection). However, the seller says that I got everything as shown in the pictures and does not want to cancel the purchase. Ebay's decision is still pending.

Is my decision understandable because the sets are not mentioned or what do you think?

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